<i>Green Lantern: First Flight</i> release date changes again

Warner Bros. Animation has shifted the release date for the upcoming Green Lantern: First Flight DVD back to July 28, which was the original release date before they changed it.

Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading also notes that the prices have apparently been lowered for the two-disc special edition and Blu-Ray edition, to $24.98 and $29.99 respectively. The single disc version is $19.98.

But the most interesting thing Johanna notes is sales data for the four previous DC animated films:

  • Superman: Doomsday - over 850,000 units shipped
  • Justice League: The New Frontier - over 740,000 units shipped
  • Batman: Gotham Knight - over 1 million units shipped
  • Wonder Woman - over 400,000 units shipped

"As usual, the girl is last — but it’s also the newest title, so it’s had the least time on the shelves, and it’s received mixed reviews," she said. "It shouldn’t be surprising that Batman, with his superior media penetration, has done the best."

Gotham Knight also benefited from being released right around the same time as, and being tied into, The Dark Knight and the overall Batman movie franchise. I'm surprised that New Frontier, however, is getting beat by Doomsday, since it features Superman, Batman and a lot of other characters.

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