The Colors of DC's Lantern Corps Spectrum, Explained

Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung and Jorge Jimenez's Justice League promises to explore the secret of the universe in the aftermath of Dark Nights: Metal. With the Source Wall broken, new mysteries and threats will be revealed, and it looks like DC's July solicitations are teasing the first great discovery: there is an Ultraviolet Lantern among the Green Lantern's Emotional Spectrum.

Created over a decade ago by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, the Emotional Spectrum is the manifestation of emotional energy of sentient life in the universe. By the time Johns left Green Lantern, there were nine established Lantern Corps, each influenced by a different emotion and color, with their own rings, power batteries, oaths, entities and guardians.

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Now, a new emotion threatens to break that all up, so let's look back at the Emotional Spectrum for a refresher course on each Lantern Corps out there in the DC Universe.

Red Light of Rage

Red Lanterns

The Red Lantern Corps thrives on rage, and due to their placement on the Emotional Spectrum, its members are extremely volatile. Upon joining, a ringbearer’s blood is purged from their body and replaced with Red Lantern energy. Red Lanterns also have the unique ability to spew pure rage energy from their mouths. They can also survive without their hearts, because their rage is the only thing that sustains them anymore.

The Red Lanterns absolutely hate the Green Lanterns. Their leader is Atrocitus, who was an ordinary citizen of Sector 666 before the Manhunters went on the fritz and killed everyone. After that, Atrocitus used his rage to form the first Red Lantern rings, creating his own Corps with the single purpose of taking out the Guardians of the Universe as revenge. Perhaps their most popular member is Dex-Starr, an ordinary house cat who became filled with rage over the death of his owner. Green Lantern Guy Gardner has also been a member of the Red Lanterns, though he "recovered" and has since relinquished his red ring.

Orange Light of Avarice


The Orange Lantern Ring is powered by unparalleled selfishness, turning anyone who wears one of these rings into a greed-obsessed monster. The power of Avarice was locked away a long time ago by the Guardians of the Universe, but when the thief Larfleeze took the power, they allowed him to keep it, so long as he never left his cave. Unlike the other members of the Emotional Spectrum, there is no Orange Lantern Corps because Larfleeze won't share the orange lantern's power.

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Thousands of orange rings do exist, but the head of this Corps has kept the power to himself. Instead of recruiting new members and expanding the reach of his army, Larfleeze simply wants to be left along with all his things. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have minions of his own, though. The Orange Lantern Ring has the unique power to literally steal a victim’s identity. When the ring kills someone, it creates a hard light construct duplicate, which essentially transforms the deceased party into an agent of Larfleeze.

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