Green Lantern Earns Animated Series

It appears Green Lantern's light will end up shining on the small screen just as brightly as it will in theaters.

Announced today at Time Warner's investor showcase, Turner Broadcasting chairman and CEO Phil Kent confirmed that Cartoon Network will soon air an animated series based on the DC Comics hero, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Already set for a big screen debut with Ryan Reynolds in the leading role for a June 17, 2011 release, "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" (which will air the year after the movie) will be the first time the character has had a solo TV spotlight after years of appearing in series from "Super Friends" to "Justice League Unlimited" and even "Duck Dogers."

This is the second major DC news to come out of the Time Warner investors presentations, the first being word that the next DC movie will likely be "The Flash." As part of this Green Lantern announcement, Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer spoke to the new connections that will be built between the WB film division and the Turner networks.

For more, visit The Hollywood Reporter, and continue to check CBR and Spinoff Online for more "Green Lantern" movie news!

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