Green Lantern, Deadpool, Smallville: July 6th Comic Reel


MediaGeek over at Comicbookmovie.com talked with Warner Bros' Gregory Noveck about the film. Noveck mentions the "Green Lantern" property is the only one in the DC stable that "allows you to start on Earth and end up in 'Star Wars.'" He also praises director Martin Campbell, noting he is the only director to reinvigorate a single franchise twice. Campbell directed the 007 films "GoldenEye" and "Casino Royale." Noveck calls the Hal Jordon character "relatable."

Directed by Martin Campbell, release date: 2011


Ryan Reynolds is looking foward to fourth wall shattering action, according to Empire. "Break the fourth wall? Oh yeah, he's got to. I want to see him break the Great Wall," the actor tells them. Deadpool's self-awareness is important to the actor. Reynolds says he has been a fan of the character for "at least for the last eight or nine years," and says both for him and 20th Century Fox, "The main goal is to make sure it stays close to the source material."

Release Date: TBA


Kryptonsite has updated their season nine spoiler page. Consider this spoiler level: main sequence. Proceed at your own risk.

New Episodes begin September 25, 2009


If there is one certainty in making Marvel movies, it is the presence of Stan Lee. Superhero Hype is pointing back to a previous article in which the writers of the "Venom" spin-off film reveal plans to include the Might Marvel Master (Wow, it's harder to come up with alliterative titles than Stan makes it look). "May he live forever," says co-screenwriter Rhett Reese.

Release date: TBA


It's Monday, that means two times the Pilgrim! We have the weekend pics here from Edgar Wright's disciplined blog. Also, what did Wright see at the movies this week? The answer is here.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


Director Zack Snyder previewed the Blu-Ray edition of the Director's Cut for Sci Fi Wire. Snyder reports the director's cut clocks in at three hours and ten minutes. The BD-Live technology will allow the director to take questions from viewers at home during a Comic-Con screening on the 25th of July. While he will be fielding questions from a live audience, certain questions from the BD-Live viewers will be fed to him. "There's no way for me to see 10,000 questions come in at the same time. I'm sure there'll be one guy whose job is to say, 'OK, I'll field all the crazy questions,'" Snyder tells Sci Fi Wire.

On DVD/Blu-Ray: July 21


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