DC Just Revealed the Darkstars are Stronger than the Green Lantern Corps

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43, by , on sale now.

The battle for control of the universe between the Green Lanterns and the Darkstars is now an arms race. Both sides have numbers, power and incredible resources at their disposal, but Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43 reveals that the Darkstars are the stronger of the two organizations. And while the two sides agree to something of an uneasy truce, it's clear that the Corps plans to challenge their new enemies in the near future.

Only recently unleashed upon the Rebirth-ed DC Universe, the Darkstars have already been able to rapidly expand their numbers. This has allowed them to make their presence known to the Green Lanterns and legitimately challenge the Corps' claim as the preeminent police force of the cosmos. The GLC has been outnumbered before, of course, but the difference here is the amount of power fueling the Darkstars, and the fact that they may have the support of the universe at large.

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The Infinite Power of the Darkstars

Despite what had been believed, the Controllers are not dead after all. When the first Darkstar Mantle activated itself, in defiance of its maker's orders, the suit left the rogue Guardians to an uncertain fate. The scene may have looked like an execution, but as it turns out, the Darkstars are more strategic and innovative than that. Instead of being led by the evil machinations of the Controllers, they are now the ones who are in charge and have turned their former masters into the ultimate resource.

The suits have already shown to be incredibly powerful on their own. They are significantly upgraded over the previous model (seen during the '90s) and now possess onboard computers that help guide the wearer. What's more, Darkstars have the ability to teleport to seemingly any fixed point in space. This allows them to quickly ambush the Green Lantern Corps when they come to attack the headquarters of the Darkstars. They can then quickly teleport their targets away by remaining body contact.

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Green Lantern turned Darkstar Tomar Tu shows Hal Jordan just how much power they've been able to attain in such a short amount of time; with the Controllers captured and being used as power sources, the Darkstars now have the ability to communicate with each other through thought. The cosmic energy of these beings is also being used to power their foundry and develop more Darkstar Mantles to be sent out into the universe.

Already, they outnumber the Green Lanterns, and a constant stream of new recruits capable of advanced levels of communication will only make them more effective. We have yet to see the two sides in combat together, but there is a reason John Stewart was forced to stand down. The Darkstars are dangerous, and if the Corps is going to fight them, they need to make sure they are strong enough to stop them.

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