Green Lantern Screenwriter Wants Ricky Whittle to Play John Stewart

Warner Bros. had envisioned 2011's Green Lantern as the foundation of a new franchise buoyed by an animated television series, a video game and, of course, a line of related merchandise. Those plans didn't come to fruition, though, as the film was both a critical and commercial disappointment, leading the studio to abandon any potential sequels, and even cancel the cartoon.

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Just six years later, however, the landscape has changed, with Green Lanterns now part of the DC Extended Universe with a brief appearance in Justice League, and a Green Lantern Corps movie on the development slate (it's a reboot, not a sequel). It's enough to make Green Lantern co-writer Michael Green long for another shot at the property.

"I feel like my experience on Green Lantern is very much unfinished and there are stories to tell there," Green, who went on to work on Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and American Gods, admitted to Yahoo! Movies. "That was not a film that turned out the way we’d hoped going in and I think there is an appetite for a better version of that."

Green even as an idea of who would make the perfect Green Lantern: the star of his current Starz drama American Gods, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's bestselling fantasy novel.

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"I’ll probably get angry texts if I don’t say what’s in my heart," he said, "which is that Ricky Whittle would make a fantastic John Stewart."

Although Tyrese Gibson has long lobbied for that very role in Green Lantern Corps, and says he's even met with Warner Bros. executives, there's no indication that part has been cast just yet.

Written by David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes, Green Lantern Corps is expected to feature an older Hal Jordan, who plays mentor to a younger John Stewart. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) is reportedly attached to direct the 2020 film, which has been characterized as "Lethal Weapon in space."

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