How Do You Make a Green Lantern Corps Movie After Deadpool 2?


Before Justice League, before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and even Man of Steel, there was Green Lantern. The Ryan Reynolds-starring film was produced by Warner Bros. in the hopes of launching a shared cinematic universe to rival Marvel's, which was only just coming into its own back in 2011. Green Lantern was supposed to be the opening salvo of the DC Extended Universe, the start of a wide, cosmic tapestry of films... until the film was released, and people actually saw it. Sadly, the result was a far cry from the epic stories of DC's comics and the movie was ultimately deemed a massive failure.

Critics despised the film, and audiences couldn't find much to get excited about it either. Even though a sequel was set up in the movie's mid-credits scene, a follow-up movie never materialized due to a combination of incredibly poor audience reception and a disappointing box office haul. In fact, the result was so bad that Warner Bros. ultimately decided to pretend like the film never happened, relaunching its shared universe from scratch in 2013 with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

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The DCEU may not be the success that Warner Bros. would hope for, but that hasn't stopped the studio from expanding the tapestry of its DC films universe by green-lighting many different projects. Among the movies currently in development is Green Lantern Corps, a film that was recently confirmed to be written by former Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns. But the question really needs to asked: Is there room in the public's heart for another Green Lantern film, or has the franchise been permanently damaged?

A Regrettable Place in Pop Culture

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Ever since its release, people have been quite hard on Green Lantern. It started with the more obvious complaints, about the lack of depth and pathos in the film, and how the visual effects left much to be desired. Most fans agreed that the digital costume was a mistake' it was, frankly, terrible, and poorly rendered. On top of that, most agreed that the depiction of Parallax as nothing more than a menacing(?) cloud was a terrible adaptation of the living embodiment of fear, which in the comics is depicted as a terrifying monster.

As bad as the immediate reaction was, it only grew worse over time. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe got bigger and Man of Steel properly kicked off the DCEU, people looked back at Green Lantern with even more disdain. To make matter even worse, all that got heightened with the release of Ryan Reynold's other superhero franchise, Deadpool. Wade Wilson's fourth wall-breaking jokes about Green Lantern's animated suit were appreciated by audiences, but it contributed in making "hating Green Lantern" the cool new thing in pop culture, to the point that Hal Jordan/Green Lantern was on equal grounds with Aquaman in terms of ridicule.

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