DC's Darkstars Recruit Their First Member - From the Green Lantern Corps

The First Recruit is Revealed

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Following Darkstar One's decimation of leadership, the suit went out in search of its first recruit, and visited Green Lantern headquarters to do it. Tomar-Tu, the former Green Lantern who was stripped of his ring and sentenced to the Sciencells following his murder of the serial killer Romat Ru of the Sinestro Corps, becomes the first member of the new Darkstars.

Hal Jordan comes to visit him in his cell, and in the midst of their conversation about killing, and what makes it right and wrong, the armor makes its appearance. Promising him the ability to enforce lethal justice upon the universe, something Tomar Tu does not regret, he allows the Mantle to take over his body. It then teleports him away to places unknown, effectively breaking him out of prison and setting him free to kill again.

Given the fact that the uniform is supposed to be in charge of the user, it is unknown how much control Tomar will have over the Darkstar's powers. This issue serves as a prelude to the greater "Darkstars Rising" storyline, so only time will tell what kind of role he will have in the greater conflict. One thing that is clear, though, is that this fight will be just as much of a philosophical debate as it will be a physical altercation.

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The Green Lanterns believe in a very structured system of checks and balances, law and order, and even mercy, to a degree. They previously welcomed the Sinestro Corps as allies, even despite the history the two factions have. Criminals are given fair trials, prison sentences, and then are actually released once time has been served. Meanwhile, the Darkstars—or at least Tomar Tu—very clearly believe that bad people should be killed in order to protect the innocent.

The obvious conflict will come when a good person does a bad thing for the right reasons. Do they deserve ultimate punishment, or, like Tomar Tu, should they be forgiven for their actions because of what is in their hearts? It's not an easy answer, compounded by the fact that it is a slippery slope to argue. We haven't seen what the Darkstars can do against the Green Lanterns on a physical level, but it will be fascinating to watch what it does to their resolve, as differences in opinion could eventually split the ranks.

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