DC's Darkstars Recruit Their First Member - From the Green Lantern Corps

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42, on sale now.

The Darkstars have awakened! In an unexpected twist, in DC Comics' Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42, the first Darkstar armor to activate rebelled against its creators. The new law enforcement group then went on to recruit its first member -- and it's someone familiar to the Green Lanterns. It's clear that this is all leading up to a massive confrontation, but it looks like it will hit far, far closer to home than expected.


The Controllers Are No Longer in Control

It seems that every time the Controllers come close to acquiring the power that will rival the Green Lanterns, they prove to be unworthy. It happened when they tried to claim the Orange Lantern rings from Larfleeze during Geoff Johns' run on the title, and now it has happened again with the activation of the new Darkstar Mantles. Just as the Darkstars and Green Lanterns seem to be on an unstoppable collision course over control of the universe, the Controllers have been eliminated from the playing field.

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As an evolutionary offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe, the Controllers have previously attempted to rival their cousins. Back in the 1990s, the Darkstars became something of a replacement for the Green Lantern Corps following Hal Jordan's descent into villainy. Their ranks included the likes of John Stewart, Donna Troy, and many other familiar names. Over the years, their numbers diminished, especially without the Controllers to, well, control them. That was until the last Darkstars lost their lives in battle over a decade ago.

The Controllers, seemingly returned from the edge of extinction, doubled back on their former tools and introduced a new model of the Darkstar Mantel. This new armor is more powerful than the previous version, and more deadly. Given the implication that they include some form of artificial intelligence to override the wearer's will, it is clear that the suit was meant to wear the host. This makes them something of the antithesis of the Green Lantern Corps, where the wearer's willpower controls the ring.

Unfortunately, the Controllers miscalculated in their approach, and Darkstar One activated on its own. Unable to control their own creation, the Controllers were helpless as the creature seemingly executed its makers. Whether this is truly the end for the Controllers, or they will find some new way to survive, has yet to be seen. It appears that the Darkstars are now an unstoppable killing machine for justice with no oversight to speak of. What could possibly go wrong?

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