As Green Lantern Corps Heads to its Finale, Hal Jordan Undergoes a Major Change

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #46 by Robert Venditti, Clayton Henry, Pete Pantazis and Dave Sharpe, on sale now.

With the rise of the Darkstars, a longtime rival to the Corps who have been reactivated as space's most lethal police force, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns find themselves outnumbered as they try to stop a mass execution of cosmic villains.

But while the Lanterns stock up, Hal's facing a personal crisis which threatens to erode his very sanity. Recently his conscience has been affecting him, leaving him wondering if he really should have been killing criminals, something the return of the Darkstars makes him wish he never thought. He wants to believe in proper justice, but nonetheless, he ends up facing that dark reflection of himself as the Corps resort to recruiting villains.

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Hal ends up visiting one of his most notorious foes on Earth, Hector Hammond, as he realizes he needs the universe's most powerful psychic on his side. But with Hal's moral compass broken, Hector decides to cure his former friend, a man he once idolized, and in the process, well, he turns Hal into an amnesiac.

The entire Green Lantern Corps has really been struggling with the decisions they have to make, not just Hal, as the Darkstars represent what they could have been. More so, the galaxy seems to be accepting of their murderous ways as things seems safer. However, the Lanterns don't believe in this sort of punishment and Hal goes about hiring Hector, while John Stewart recruits Zod, Kyle Rayner seeks out Orion, and Guy Gardner, who's now a Darkstar himself, tried to enlist the Yellow Lantern, Arkillo.

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Hal's resolve is the one breaking the most because the first Darkstar of this new generation, Tomar-Tu, was the one who convinced Hal killing was the way to go, something he teases is in Hal's blood. This notion immediately started haunting Hal, apparently helping awaken the Darkstar armors, thanks to a mysterious connection spinning out of the Metal event and Hal's Element X armor.

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