Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps Deepens the Mystery of DC's Metal


Rebirth’s first major crossover event, Metal, has slowly crept into the margins of the main DCU with the help of its prelude comics, Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting, but this week marked the first real intersection of Metal’s framework with the current line of ongoing titles.

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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #26 set about folding the breadcrumbs of The Forge and The Casting into the present day, immediate concerns of the GLC as they currently stand -- and made the looming threat of the mysterious, ominous “metal” all the more apparent with some familiar faces cropping up to help along the way.

“Old Genesis”

Green Lantern Corps member Graf Toren has had a vision -- or, rather, has been having visions, nearly every night, and they’re becoming more and more terrifying. But it’s not the fact they all seem to be pointing to a sort of prophecy that is most concerning, it’s that they suddenly seem to be very specific in the “who” rather than the “what” or the “why.”

Toren sees a set of “metal golems” in his most recent vision, awakening...somewhere (somewhen?) deep within the furthest reaches of the multiverse. It’s their appearance that finally pushes him to act and warn the rest of the Corps about what is out there waiting for them in the darkness of space.

Now, the golems themselves are interesting -- even Toren points out that the annals of the universe make no mention of there existing anything like them, and we are clued in from the caption boxes on the page that they seem to be originating from a planet called “Old Genesis,” which should be sounding some alarms.

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New Genesis is, of course, the well known and well understood home planet of Highfather’s New Gods. We’ve known through works which expanded upon Jack Kirby’s original Fourth World epic that there once was a planet called Genesis that was ruined during a massive war, and that prior to that initial destruction, the New Gods of both New Genesis and Apokolips alike lived on a planet called Urgrund. So that leaves “Old Genesis” a bit of a mystery as far as time and place are really concerned. Toren’s vision seems to indicate that it is or was a lushly green place that looked roughly uninhabited. But if that’s the case, who was it that forged the “metal golems?”

It’s also worth noting that the other cosmically focused DC ongoing, Green Lanterns very recently introduced the concept of a “Third World” which, according to writer Sam Humphries existed before the Fourth -- an idea that could potentially have some influence on the way this timeline actually shakes out, once more information has been presented.

However, as of right now, there are more pressing matters to attend to because…

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