Green Lantern Corps #54

The enemy of my enemy is my . . . enemy? The Weaponer who crafted Sinestro's ring wants to take his anger out on Sinestro. Problem is, Sinestro is being a pompous ass. Surprise. The end result is that Kyle Rayner and Sinestro have a throwdown because Rayner thinks that is the only way to get through to Sinestro. Macho blustering and grandiose posturing between the two lead to a slugfest that really seems kind of meaningless. Kyle gets roughed up, and nothing really changes. Honestly, the Korguarian beat down almost seems out of character for Sinestro (who has threatened Rayner on more than one occasion) since he holds back from really putting the hurt on Rayner. Yes, Sinestro is complying with the truce, but Sinestro is an evil, conniving mastermind. Surely he'd be able to weasel his way through a truce to deliver a heaping helping of pain.

The end result sees Rayner begging his fellow Corpsmen (and women and things) to join him in trying to liberate Soranik Natu from the Weaponer's clutches. Bedard plays it up with a little too much desperation as the Weaponer doesn't seem to be a menacing threat so much as Rayner misunderstands the level of the threat and the direction it is pointed in. It's nice to see the Corps facing "standard" threats again, but banked between the events that have rocked the Lantern titles for so long, this threat seems less than intimidating.

Kirkham does a great job of making the Weaponer appear menacing, from his hulking frame to the exceptionally cartoonish way Soranik's hair is blown back when the Weaponer screams at her. Kirkham's work is scratchy and jagged, detail layered with crosshatch, speckle, and jagged spots. Parts of this issue look to be drawn straight to page with ink, while other parts are more refined. Clearly, Kirkham is finding his own method for interpreting these characters. Some are more solidified than others. Kirkham draws the best Hannu I've seen, but it seems like it could take a little while to completely settle all the way around before Kirkham figures out all of the characters. Ruffino's colors drench this story in sorrow and hopelessness. That emotion spray works for this issue as the majority of it is set upon Qward, a world ravaged by Sinestro and his Corps.

I haven't kept "Green Lantern Corps" near the top of my reading list since Tomasi and Gleason left as I thought it would be impossible to duplicate their output. Truly anything else was set up for disappointment. This issue, however, isn't anywhere near as disappointing as feared though. There is the promise of a new threat, but Bedard's going to have to pull out some pretty massive stops to fulfill that promise.

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