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Green Lantern Corps #45

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Green Lantern Corps #45

With an announcement this week that Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are leaving “Green Lantern Corps” in a couple of months (Tomasi will start writing “Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors” instead), it made me think about just what it was about their work that I enjoyed so much. After some thinking, it finally hit me: with Tomasi and Gleason, you never know just what you’re going to end up with. But you do always know one thing, and it’s that the book will be just a little bit crazy.

Tomasi’s scripts always veer off in unexpected directions: plunging one of the title’s stars into the heart of a sun into forced exile, homicidal baby-stealing aliens, and even a surprise romance or two. The stories are always fun, though, and this one is no exception. The Green Lanterns having to deal with a Red Lantern-possessed Guy Gardner wraps up a “Blackest Night” crossover story that’s been unspooling in the title the past few months, and while there’s a bit of a deus ex machina element to the solution, it still feels satisfying. That’s probably in part because of all of the small character elements embedded throughout the story; for a book with a large cast, Tomasi’s done a good job of juggling the characters and making them all stand apart from one another.

It’s with that in mind that Tomasi was well-matched in Gleason, who was already on board when Tomasi started writing “Green Lantern Corps.” Gleason’s slightly exaggerated, cartoonish art brings Tomasi’s larger than life ideas into explosive reality. What’s nice, though, is that Gleason’s capable of subtlety just as much as the huge moments of “Green Lantern Corps.” The look on Star Sapphire Miri’s face when she gets a hug is hysterical, just as memorable as the scenes of the Green Lanterns desperately trying to contain Guy Gardner even as their ever-increasing bonds and muzzles keep failing. I haven’t heard yet where Gleason will end up once he and Tomasi finish #47, but hopefully he already has a new title lined up.

“Green Lantern Corps” is the sort of title that should have been a dud; a spin-off of a popular comic but using the protagonists who didn’t get to be in the main title sounds like a recipe for disaster. It’s nice to see creativity and fun brought to this side title just like the main comic. If all spin-offs were this consistently fun, it could only be a good thing.