Green Lantern Corps #44

As Tomasi has done since he took up the reins of this title, he delivers a story that gives us a little more insight into the core members of the Green Lantern Corps, as well as some of the other Corps members. Mogo takes center stage and quite a bit is revealed about the planet Lantern, making this issue a must-have for Green Lantern enthusiasts. Add onto that the myriad Black Lanterns on Oa, the red ring on Guy Gardner's left hand, and the resurrection of Kyle Rayner and this issue suddenly has a lot going on. This issue trips over itself in its exuberance to deliver so many decisive moments in the "Blackest Night" story. At times, I found myself needing to re-read a page or two to decipher what was really happening, as Gleason and crew have jammed so much into this single issue. Gleason finds moments to have fun, such as the pig pile with Kilowog in the center of it following the collapse of the central power battery.

Mogo takes control of this story, and the story goes in a direction that could only happen in comics. Martin Campbell, the director of the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie has talked about "de-cheesing" scenes. Let's just say this is one scene that may be cheesy, but it is exactly why comics are a much more imaginative medium than movies or television. The scenes pulled off in this issue would work only in a comic book. Prose would not be able to significantly describe Mogo and Iolande's conversation. Movies would ruin the destruction upon Oa, and TV couldn't handle Gardner's rage. Celebrate those things and more here. This is an action-adventure, science-fiction comic. "Green Lantern Corps" continues to find ways to challenge Patrick Gleason and crew to bring their visual A-game, and month in and month-out they deliver. The fact that this title is so closely woven to "Blackest Night" is just a bonus.

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