Green Lantern Corps #43

Let's get the month-old spoilers out of the way: Kyle Rayner died last issue. If you didn't know that, then why are you reading a review for a comic that comes out a month later? I've spent the last month puzzling through how this would be enough to send Guy Gardner over the edge and fill him with rage enough to summon a red ring. Well, let's just say the unique blend of events in this issue -- Black Lanterns, dead comrades, Guardian directives that tick Guy off -- are more than enough.

From here, Tomasi gives us a badass Guy Gardner. Guy's always been written as an unorthodox Green Lantern, but pull out the stops that kept him in check and you get one of the most ruthless bastards in the universe wielding the power of not one, but two power rings. Mix in some Black Lanterns and Kryb and enjoy the dazzling carnage delivered from the pencil of Patrick Gleason.

Gleason doesn't just deliver amazing amounts of carnage in this issue, he also takes the time and puts forth a monumental effort to draw some of the most stunning effects of the various power rings being put to use. The Star Sapphire's power signature is beautiful and flowing, the Black Lanterns emanations are creepy and thick, and Guy's use of the red ring is powerful and strong. Mayor's colors really drive this book to be bold and energetic.

This issue most likely serves as a turning point in the Corps' involvement against the Black Lanterns. While Oa has been under siege for months now (or maybe days in comic book time) this issue delivers of the promise of "nothing will ever be the same." With the surprise appearance of one of the fan favorite Lanterns at the end of this issue, I greatly look forward to how Tomasi sees fit to tell a bigger or better story than the one delivered here. This issue is part of the "Blackest Night" event, but it isn't overwhelmed by the event. At no point does this comic ever stop telling the story of the Green Lantern Corps.

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