Green Lantern Corps #38

As Oa goes, so go the Green Lantern Corps. Following the riotous eruption of the Sciencells, the battery shell of Oa falls apart while the Alpha Lanterns and the Honor Guard come to a major dispute in philosophy. Tomasi's use of metaphor to parallel the course of the story drives it home all the more. The Green Lantern Corps is going to a place they've never been before.

Gleason's visuals are taking them to that place. I stated in an earlier review that if Gleason were assigned a corps of his own, their color would have to be awesome. That has not changed, only solidified. The devastation of Oa, the gathering of Lanterns and the destruction of prisoners all add testimony to Gleason's range of ability and his dedication to build the universe of the Green Lanterns.

While Gleason's art sets a visual standard for the Green Lantern mythos, Tomasi provides action, adventure, aggression and attitude. His characters are spot on, from Kilowog's barking orders in the midst of absolute chaos to Salaak's critical analysis of the end of the world of Oa as he has come to know it. Additionally, while this issue is the conclusion to "Emerald Eclipse" it doesn't feel forced or shoe-horned into place. Tomasi takes plot threads out of this issue that have their origins before this arc. He isn't writing just chunks of stories, but stories that can be devoured in chunks.

"Green Lantern Corps" is poised to be integral in the summer event "Blackest Night," but this issue offers so much more than just a prelude into the madness set to besiege the DC Universe when the dead rise. This issue may be a little dense for a first time reader, but all of the pieces that define the Corps and their universe are here. This is definitely a place to start reading if you are planning to get involved in the "Blackest Night" event, but have avoided the "Green Lantern" titles until now. Once everything really gets rolling, you'll be able to come back to this issue and say, "See? Right here. . . "

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