Green Lantern Corps #25

Under another Green Lantern poster-wannabe cover, is part four of the storyline "Ring Quest". The premise here is that a select group of Green Lanterns â€" Iolande, Vath Sarn, Soranik Natu, Stel, Isamot Kol, Sodam Yat, Guy Gardner, Arisia, Kyle Rayner and Bzzd â€" are sent by the Guardians to track down Sinestro Corps rings. Every reader is certain to find a Lantern familiar to them in this lot, as these ten seem to be the heart of this series currently.

DC's website bills this as the start of the showdown between the Corps and Mongul, not as part four of a story that's already in play. This could be misleading for some folks who might pick this issue up hoping to grab onto the Green Lantern buzz (no, not Bzzd) at the right starting spot.

That said, having read the first and second chapters of this storyline while missing the third (not sure what happened there), I was not lost at all. Tomasi does a grand job of making certain to identify most characters by name at least once, and this issue provides a first person narrative of the history of Black Mercy. Even if you have no clue what Black Mercy is, this story still reads very well. Given the method of Mercy's "feeding" I found myself hoping against hope that we might see the return of Driq, one of my favorites from the old Green Lantern Corps series.

Pat Gleason turns in yet another solid chapter in his glittering career as the draftsman behind the Corps. He makes this spacefaring book creepy, with a vibe akin to "Alien," as opposed to more airy subject matter, like "Star Wars." That definitely helps set the aura for this read.

Gleason faces a challenge in this issue, however, as he is joined by a new inker. Prentiss Rollins signs on, and while Rollins is a masterful craftsman in his own right, it is quite obvious this is a "getting to know you" issue for the artistic team.

The story is quite fast-paced, despite the historical context placed in the narrative, and should be easily enjoyed by anyone even remotely intrigued by the Green Lantern mythos. That said, the issue does leave the reader clutching for more as there is a nice epic set-up ready to continue on in the next issue.

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