Green Lantern Corps: 15 Lanterns We Want to See On Film

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Over the years, DC has published books with a lot of Green Lanterns. In fact, there are supposed to be 7200 of them with only two per sector. Of course, Sector 2814 (that’s the one that contains Earth) has quite a few. With all these humans flying about, wielding a power ring, folks sometimes forget the thousands of aliens who also have the honor of being members of the Green Lantern Corps.

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With DC's "GLC" movie set for release sometime in 2020, fans are eager to see just which Lanterns might make an appearance. With so many to choose from, DC has its work cut out for it, so we thought we could lend a hand in letting the producers know who the fans would like to see. Here are the top 15 we want to see grace the silver screen in the "Green Lantern Corps" movie.

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Mogo isn’t just a Green Lantern, it’s actually a sentient planet with a giant Green Lantern logo made out of foliage gracing its surface! Mogo was first introduced by the legendary Alan Moore alongside artist Dave Gibbons and was meant to be something of a throwaway character. Its importance only grew and fans wanted more, which helped solidify Mogo in the GLC for good. Mogo has the same powers as any sentient being who wields a power ring but also can manipulate its surface features to include plant growth, weather patterns, location in space, and is aware of what’s going on in its vicinity and on its surface.

Mogo’s most important role in the Corps is to guide rings to new bearers. When a Lantern dies, their ring zooms through space and connects with Mogo, who then telepathically locates and guides the ring to the next Lantern for that sector. Additionally, Mogo is something of a respite for fellow Lanterns who need to take a break and get away from it all. Ever the hospitable planet, Mogo enjoys taking care of its fellow lanterns and has acted as the Corps' home planet. Contrary to initial beliefs, he does socialize.



Kilowog is a fan-favorite no Green Lantern film can do without. He was heavily featured in the 2011 feature film and needs to be in the upcoming 2020 flick. Kilowog is the senior drill sergeant for the Guardians and he was the one who trained none other than Hal Jordan (and a lot of other Lanterns). He’s gruff, huge and intimidating to pretty much everyone he meet (but can also be a big softie). Kilowog first graced the pages of Green Lantern back in 1986, when he was introduced by Marv Wolfman and Don Newton.

Kilowog has played a major role in shaping the Green Lantern Corps. His position as senior drill sergeant has allowed him to train and motivate some of the Corps’ best and brightest Lanterns. They can’t really make a Green Lantern film and not include at least a passing cameo of this pink, hulkish fella. His look is perfect for film and every Green Lantern fan knows who he is. Having a movie without him would be like shooting a Spider-Man flick, but forgetting to add in something like web-shooters or the fact that Spider-Man can cling to walls; he's that integral.



Medphyll is a being from the planet J586, which is dominated by plant life, making him something of a living tree. Yes, he is somewhat akin to Marvel Comics’ Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy," but having been published in 1962, his creation hit the books two years after Marvel’s talking tree. So it's safe to assume that creators John Broome and Gil Kane may have taken some inspiration from him.

Medphyll is a close friend and ally of Hal Jordan and has played a role in every major conflict the GLC has undertaken since his inception. As a plant-based organism, Medphyll has a unique physiology that makes him vulnerable to cold. He also gets his nourishment through photosynthesis via the Mind Stalks protruding from his head, which makes up his only vital organ. One of the main reasons Medphyll needs to be in the GLC flick, other than his normally prominent role in the comics, is that he just looks cool. Yes, the DCEU might take some flack for a Groot wannabe, but fans of the comics know who and what Medphyll is and he would make an amazing addition to the film.

12 CH'P


You know how everyone thought putting a character like Rocket Raccoon into a live-action film might be cheesy and not work? Well, we were all pretty much wrong on that one and it’s a good thing because it opened the door for putting Ch’p into the "Green Lantern Corps" film. Ch’p is a squirrel. Yes, a squirrel. He comes from a planet called H’lven, which is "peopled" by creatures that resemble Earth animals, but in a cartoony way.

Ch’p was unfortunately killed in the comics when he was hit by a truck. To be fair, though, the truck was yellow, which at the time was the one natural weakness to the Green Lantern ring. So, his death came simply because he couldn’t defend himself, and not because he was a squirrel in the path of a truck. Since we don’t yet know when or where the upcoming film will take place, it’s safe to assume Ch’p could still be alive and raring for a fight. His untimely and unfortunate death in the comics is no excuse to keep him off screen.



You can’t put Ch’p into a film and not throw in his best buddy, Salaak. Of course, including Salaak in the film on his own merit is pretty much a no-brainer, given how cool of a Lantern is. Well... maybe "cool" isn't the word we'd immediately use for Sal. Salaak spent a lot of time living on and protecting Earth, which helped him become something of a team member to the Green Lanterns of Earth. In one storyline, Salaak helped Ch’p by stopping him from committing suicide and the two eventually returned to the Corps after it was reformed following the death of Jordan. His new role in the Corps is as senior administrator and the Keeper of the Book of OA, making him an integral part of the Green Lantern Corps mythos and day-to-day functions.

Seeing Salaak on the big screen would improve the diversity of aliens in the universe. Salaak looks impressive, with four arms and a head that just looks completely alien; he would look great in CGI, or even better, practical effects. Most Lanterns get uncomfortable just looking him in the eye (thanks too to his often stuffy disposition) and his close association with the human Lanterns pretty much necessitates his inclusion in the film.



R'amey Holl is a member of the GLC’s Black-Ops unit called “The Corpse.” She hasn’t been in the comics very much since her creation back in 2007 by Keith Champagne and Patrick Gleason, but she is a physically arresting creature and downright badass. R'amey has insectoid features, but looks like a somewhat humanoid woman with giant antennae protruding from her forehead and large butterfly-like wings on her back, which allows her to fly (with or without the ring). She is also capable of projecting her thoughts into the minds of others and has a keen sense of smell, allowing her to track people from great distances.

Thus far, she has only appeared in 22 issues, making her something of a junior-Lantern, but this is why she needs to be seen in the film. She faked her own death in the comics and even wiped Guy Gardner’s memory of her to ensure her survival was kept secret. It would be great to see her story unfold on screen. She could be convincingly played by an actress with some CGI enhancements and would look great fighting alongside the likes of Guy and Kyle Rayner.



Jade has been a fixture in the "Green Lantern" comics for some time, as her history is intertwined with the Green Lanterns of Earth. She is the daughter of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott and Rose Canton, a psychic villain from the Flash rogues gallery. Jade is an interesting character who has powers of her own and is only loosely affiliated with the Green Lantern Corps. She channels her natural powers of the Starheart and has the ability to affect the entire spectrum to include gravity, light, heat and even radiation. She also has many of the same powers a Green Lantern has and can create solid light constructs of whatever she can imagine.

Her close association with the Green Lanterns also comes via her father and her former boyfriend, Kyle Rayner. It was Rayner who helped make Jade a Green Lantern when she lost her power of the Starheart, but this was only for a brief time. Because of her convoluted association with the Corps and her similar powers, her presence in the film would help to associate a personal relationship with Rayner and also provide a great deal of power to whichever fight she might join, let alone a richer mythos to the story being told.



Tomar-Tu, like Kilowog, has been a staple of the Green Lantern Corps for years. He comes from the planet Xudar in the sector adjacent to the one our fellow human Lanterns occupy and protect, which has helped to bring him into numerous storylines alongside heroes like Hal Jordan. What's perhaps more important about the character, however, is his lineage. Tu is a second-generation Lantern, taking the ring after his father, Tomar-Re, whose presence precedes even Hal Jordan's, and has become legendary in the Corps. Introducing this concept gives the Corps a sense of historical depth that would make the film feel much more robust than its predecessor.

Tomar-Tu has a pretty awesome look and excluding him from the film would be a mistake. He looks something like a fish-man with a giant, orange fin on his head along with a humanoid physique. He also has a giant beak and wears a domino mask similar to the ones the Green Lanterns of Earth have donned, giving him a familiar yet decidedly alien look. Tomar-Tu is one of the least obscure Lanterns on this list, though, especially as he made a voiced cameo in the ill-fated 2011 cinematic venture.



To put it plainly, Sodam Yat is the ultimate living weapon. Not only is he a natural Green Lantern, he also comes from the planet Daxam. Fans of Superman know that Daxam circled the same star as Krypton and its inhabitants share many of the enhanced abilities afforded by a yellow star. Basically, Sodam Yat is what Superman would be like if he also carried a power ring with him. He does have one major weakness, but it isn’t Kryptonite, it’s lead. That particular allergy alongside his aversion to red solar radiation gives him some limitations, but not many. With his ring, he can usually overcome both weaknesses, making him an incredibly powerful member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Sodam Yat has been prophesied to be the savior of the Green Lanterns (as well as its last member) and has even been called the Secret Weapon of the Corps. He was created by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill as something of a trigger for future stories. Since he is prophesied to be the greatest Green Lantern, he is also associated with the future downfall of the Corps so he plays a large role in any GLC storyline.



When it comes to odd-looking members of the Green Lantern Corps, they don't come much weirder than Xax. Coming from the planet Xaos and looking like a tiny grasshopper doesn’t make this particular Green Lantern look as intimidating as some of his allies, but as with many Green Lanterns, looks can be deceiving. He was killed in the comics during the Battle of the Dark Moon of Qward, and has since been memorialized in the Crypts of Oa as a fallen member of the Corps.

Xax does have a successor, Xax II, but the character has only appeared in one issue of DC’s "New 52” comics, wherein he was shown to serve as a Green Lantern, but was also killed in the same book. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter which Xax DC decides to put in the movie, but not putting an awesome grasshopper into the film would certainly be a mistake -- if for no other reason than as a dig at Disney's Jiminy Cricket. His inclusion would reaffirm that when it comes to Green Lantern, size definitely isn't everything.



Raker Qarrigat represents a provocative addition to the "Green Lantern Corps" film due to his close association with Darkseid and the planet Apokolips. The DCEU has already teased the introduction of Darkseid and his home planet in a scene from "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the same characters might make an appearance in the GLC film. Raker Qarrigat and his ties with Darkseid hold an important place in the Corps’ history; it was because of the confrontations between the two that he was able to convince the Guardians to increase the size of the Corps. This allowed for a minimum of one Lantern per sector, which greatly altered the makeup of the Corps.

Raker Qarrigat hasn’t had many appearances in the comics, but his history is so intertwined with the Green Lantern Corps, he absolutely needs to be in the film. Not only is he an important character, he’s a giant, blue, muscle-bound behemoth who wears the Green Lantern equivalent of a hoodie. What’s not to like about a guy like that?


rot lop fan

Rot Lop Fan is a unique character to the Green Lantern Corps, not just because he is a uniquely designed alien, but because he is blind, making him use sound in conjunction with his ring to serve the Corps. His blindness is not due to an accident, but rather an adaptation his species has made due to the overall lack of light in their sector of space. Each member of the Obsidian Deeps has evolved an advanced sense of hearing and has equally lost or never evolved the ability to see.

What makes that interesting is that, having no concept of color or light, his use of the power ring would be unique to him, which is so important to the individual makeup of the Corps. Rot Lop Fan would also be a nice little nod that people born with disability can also be hereoes. It took some work alongside Katma Tui to find the way for him to use the ring -- focusing on a concept of sound in the F-Sharp range; that, incidentally, is why he refers to the GLC as the F-Sharp Bell Corps. Rot Lop Fan was created by Alan Moore (notice a pattern here) and looks something like a humanoid dolphin.



No, we didn’t choose Morro because he hails from and protects a sector with the same number as the Mark of the Beast! Morro is a Green Lantern, but he also has in his accompaniment four Dratures, which he uses in his battles and also to guard the Crypt of OA, which is his charge. What’s a Drature you ask? It’s a dragon. That's right; this SUPER death-metal dude comes with four purple dragons about the size of a small horse. They fly, they bite, they do what little dragons do, which is exactly why Morro needs to be in the movie.

In the current continuity of the comics, Morro has worked as the Crypt Keeper, protecting the tombs of fallen Lanterns on OA. When OA fell and the GLC was moved to the surface of Mogo, he went along and continued to act in this role as the one responsible for the memorial to the honored fallen erected there. Visually, Morro himself looks pretty cool. He sports a couple of large tusks jutting up from his mouth. Did we mention that he comes with four dragons?



Gallius Zed is one of those members of the Green Lantern Corps, like Kilowog and Tomar-Tu, who just can’t be left out of any Green Lantern film. Gallius certainly sports a look that would be great on film. He stands on four legs has two arms, and no torso whatsoever. He makes up for this by having a gigantic head. In some ways, this looks silly, but with the right attention to detail (and with enough CGI dollars going in to making him look good), his unnerving appearance would accentuate the diversity and oddity of the Corps.

Like a few others on this list, Gallius Zed was killed and laid to rest in the Crypts of Oa. During "Blackest Night," he rose and became what all zombies with power rings eventually become: pure evil. This storyline aside, Zed was considered by most in the Corps to be a Legendary Lantern and he was honored as such.



Simon Baz is the newest addition to the long list of humans who have wielded the ring for Space Sector 2814, created by Geoff Johns and debuting in “The New 52 FCBD” issue from 2012. He obtained his ring when those of Hal Jordan and Sinestro malfunctioned and fused into one. The newly-formed ring sought out a replacement and found it in Simon Baz. His look is fairly unique, though it does share something of a resemblance to Kick-Ass, at least with the mask.

Introducing Simon Baz is a little bit tricky given his origin resulting from the fusing of Jordan’s ring with Sinestro’s, so his origin might need to be tweaked a bit for the film. We definitely believe he should be included, though, since he has yet to appear outside the pages of comics and needs to get some screen time. Since the “Green Lantern Corps” film is going to involve the Green Lanterns from Earth as the main characters, it seems only natural they also introduce the newest member of that select group of superheroes and bring Simon Baz to theaters in 2020.

Which alien Green Lantern do you hope will make it to the new film? Let us know in the comments!

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