Green Lantern, Captain America, Little Vampire: Jun 10th Comic Reel


Spinoff Online spotted this new featurette about becoming a Green Lantern:

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


Actor Derek Luke talks to BlackFilm (via Comic Book Movie) about getting the role of Howling Commando Gabe Jones. "I was submitted from a casting director who said, 'I believe that Derek Luke would be great for this project.' Then I had a meeting with Marvel head Kevin Feige. He presented the character that I was playing for Marvel, and at that time it was interesting. We didn't have a script. As a matter of fact, we didn't get scripts until we showed up to shoot," he says. "I think in Marvel's defense is that as a nation there's so much just piracy. You have to do so much just on loyalty when it comes down just to actors and fans. You work very hard on a film and sometimes it gets leaked out. So I understood or I was very undemanding to the fact that even though there wasn't a script and there wasn't much of a description of my character, I just believed that Marvel was doing some really great work, great messages in films. The good versus evil and I was just like, 'How can I be down?'"

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


Variety reports (via Spinoff Online) that Johann Sfar will adapt his First Second graphic novel as a 3D animated feature. According to the article, the project centers on a child vampire who "lives in a house full of amiable but aged ghouls and monsters. Missing the company of other children, Little Vampire helps out a human child, Michel, an orphan, who is behind with his homework, and they become friends." Sfar recently burst into filmmaking with an adaptation of his comic, "The Rabbi's Cat."

Release date: TBA


It's Friday, so let's have a little fluff. Just days after she injured a stuntman with the butt of a rifle, an insider tells Showbiz Spy that "Anne was filming a very similar fight scene when her costume split right open right on her bottom." I think no further comment is necessary.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Warren Beatty spoke at The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival last night and mentioned a sequel is in the works, but gave few details. "I think its dumb to talk about movies before you make them," he said. "I just don't do it. It gives you a reason to avoid making them." That's actually some really good wisdom there. I should stop talking about my idea for an "Ambush Bug" movie and just do it.

Release date: TBA


Mark Strong tells MTV News a little bit about the film:

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Directed by Andrew Stanton, release date: March 9th, 2012


According to Speakeasy, Bono appeared at a special party for the musical yesterday. "The creative side has been an incredible wild ride for us," he told reporters. He also had kind words for the show's former director Julie Taymor. "She got so close to it perhaps she couldn't see it. But we owe a lot to her." So ... this thing is going to open next week, right? Like, for reals?

Opens: June 14th, 2011 ... maybe


The ghost of this show continues to haunt the Internet with Bleeding Cool finding a promo for the series:

And that's all you get until the whole thing leaks online.

Release date: TBA


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