Green Lantern: A Deadly New Corps Broke DC's Cosmic Tyrant Like a House Pet

The fallout of Grant Morrison's Green Lantern #12 saw the end of the Green Lantern Corps... literally. Now, in the sequel series, Green Lantern: Blackstars, a very different kind of police force patrols the galaxy, and it's hellbent on remaking that galaxy in its own uncompromising image. The Blackstars promise peace and tranquility to all those who they encounter, in exchange for their very willpower.

To bolster their ranks, they first present a membership offer to the strongest in the universe. One of those individuals just happens to be Mongul of Warworld. As formidable as the villain has been in the past, he's quickly reduced to a shell of his former self by the Blackstar's very matter of fact form of diplomacy, which, of course, is completely breaking his will.

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Blackstars: Beware Their Power

Green Lantern #12 saw the DC universe rewritten by the Wishing Machine, all to fit the whims of Controller Mu, the head of the Blackstars. This change to history meant that instead of the Guardians of the Universe's Green Lantern Corp patrolling the galaxy, it would instead be tended to by the Controller's Blackstars. The Controllers were originally an offshoot of the Guardians, with the Blackstars being more commonly known as the Darkstars in the former reality. Now, former staunch members of the Green Lantern Corps exist as Blackstars. These include John Stewart, Jessica Cruz and Hal Jordan, who goes by the name Parallax.

Parallax is joined by his partner Belzebeth to recruit (forcibly) the strongest creatures in the universe to join Mu's Blackstar cause. Parallax confronts Mongul on the surface of Warworld, hoping to enlist him in a more diplomatic may. Unfortunately, this only results in Mongul's boastful rejection of the Blackstars' offer, and Parallax's battle against Mongul's insectoid gorehound.

As the denizens of Warworld cheer Mongul on, the Blackstars retaliate to his rebuff by raining hell upon the planet, decimating its population and leaving Mongul himself a whimpering mess. He still refuses to submit to his aggressors, to which Belzebeth simply replies that she plans to remake him.

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Mongul and the Black(star) Mercy

mongrul blackstars

Mongul isn't seen much for the rest of the issue, save for a small role toward the end. When Controller Mu is welcomed to his new planet by his Blackstars, he is immediately confronted by Mongul. Instead of showing any opposition toward him, however, the former ruler of Warworld humbly bows, genuflecting to pour his new master a drink.

Mongul has consistently been one of the DC Universe's most powerful villains, and is typically written as being a force to be reckoned with on par with Superman himself. The modern Mongul is the original's son, and has shifted from being a Superman villain to a Green Lantern foe. He even mentions his former power in this issue, speaking of how he once defeated greater foes than the Blackstars with ease. With his forces soundly defeated and Belzebeth boasting of draining him dry, Mongul has not just been bested... but completely broken. Given his own history with the mind altering Black Mercy, it would seem that Mongul is himself drinking from a cup of humility; a taste of his own medicine.

Green Lantern: Blackstars #1 is available now.

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