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Does Apokolips Have a Green Lantern?

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comics, Comic News Comment
Does Apokolips Have a Green Lantern?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at

Awhile back, I answered a reader who wanted to know if Krypton had a Green Lantern.

Reader Jeff H. was inspired by that article to ask the same about Green Lanterns and Apokolips, home of Darkseid.

The answer is…yes, for a time. The great Scott Beatty wrote Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3 (with a whole bunch of different artists) that saw Kyle Rayner and Orion accidentally end up on Apokolips (with Orion badly injured in the process). They are met by a mysterious man who turns out to be the long-forgotten Green Lantern of Apokolips!

You see, Raker Qarrigat was the third Green Lantern to be assigned to Apokolips (the first two had been killed). This was so early in the history of the Corps that they were not even CALLED the Green Lantern Corps yet. There were only a handful of them. Qarrigat showed up, arrogantly believing that he was going to clean up this lawless planet. He soon found out that he was mistaken…

Qarrigat returned and convinced the Guardians of the Universe to expand their group of ring-bearers into an ARMY. He recruited 3,600 Lanterns within two years and they invaded Apokolips, only to find out that Darkseid had anticipated their every move…

After a long and drawn out war that killed a large percentage of the newly formed Green Lantern Corps, the war came to an end when the Guardians cut a deal with Darkseid (the Guardians are the type of people who Machiavelli would be, like, “Damn, guys, that’s dirty dealing!”) where they would agree to a truce – neither would interfere with each other’s plans and they would then scrub the history of Qarrigat and this war from the Book of Oa….

Darkseid insisted that they also leave Qarrigat behind for his amusement. They agreed (they’re such jerks). Luckily, a friend managed to get Qarrigat a ring and a power battery and Qarrigat spent the rest of his life striking against Darkseid from the shadows, living in sewers.

When the Green Lantern Corps reformed, Kyle Rayner remembered Qarrigat, and he joined the new Corps (with a partner who was born on Apokolips!)

So there ya go, Jeff! If anyone ELSE has a question they’d like to see me address, drop me a line at!

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