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I’ll admit it: this issue really, truthfully surprised me. I’d all but given up on the “War of the Green Lanterns” and the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe. This issue, however, made a special request to be picked up and flipped through. After all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with a comic that has art by the incomparable Doug Mahnke? Mahnke’s storytelling is as strong as ever, even though his pencils are somewhat mistreated in this issue. I’m not faulting the Green Lantern Inking Corps and Coloring Duo, but having a half dozen people put two layers of art over the original art isn’t really going to do much for consistency, much like having six different people paint the side of a barn.

Still, enough of Mahnke’s style and character work shines through that this book deserved a look. Mahnke can crowd characters onto a page in a manner worthy of comparison to the very best of them, George Perez and Phil Jimenez. While doing so, Mahnke packs those panels with stunning amounts of detail and helps power up the story from Geoff Johns.

Johns, in turn, packs a surprise or two into this issue. Well, ok. There is at least three surprises in this issue and one of those surprises deals with the identity of the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in the DC reboot coming up in September. Yup. This issue gives you a scoop (apparently) on who that ringslinger is going to be and also throws out a story idea that seems to have strong connections to the goings on in “Flashpoint.” It’s almost as though some of this stuff was actually planned to link up.

The end result is a story worthy of the “Green Lantern” title. This issue, in addition to containing some revelations, seems to bring about the conclusion to the series of events that have driven this book for the past few years. Sure, there are some open plot threads, but none of them feel like plots that exist simply as the foundation of an event. These new plots have a purpose, offer up some excitement, and have me waiting for more. It feels good to be excited about the Green Lantern Corps again. I just hope it is a feeling that is justified.