Green Lantern #65

Based on the speed (or lack thereof) of "War of the Green Lanterns," it's starting to feel more and more like this was a crossover that didn't need to be one. This is a chapter where, after all, 40% of the pages involve Guy and Hal traveling from one planet to another, worry and tension free. At six parts (plus a prologue and, I'm guessing, some epilogue issues) this is a story that has far too much room to tell not enough story.

So what do we get in "Green Lantern" #65? Some growls, juvenile humor, and a small handful of plot development pages at the end of the issue that serve to distract from the lack of anything interesting in the previous pages. "War of the Green Lanterns" had looked like it was going to rouse "Green Lantern" out of its slow pace from the past year, but if anything it's managed to slow down even further instead.

Doug Mahnke's pencils are tackled by five inkers this month, which explains the slight shifts from one page to the next. If nothing else, it's an expressive way of showing how different inkers can affect the overall look of a comic; one page looks so much like Steve Dillon's art that I had to double-check the credits to make sure he hadn't stepped in this month. It's nice art overall, but a lot of the larger than life strangeness that Mahnke brings to his pages feels curiously muted. Randy Mayor does a lot of the heavy lifting here; his glowing, sparkling rings add a lot of heft to an otherwise unremarkable scene, and makes it feel like an important moment.

I'm not sure where "War of the Green Lanterns" went wrong. Since it affects the stars of the other two Green Lantern comics, I can understand it crossing over with them. But with six parts, more should have been accomplished by the two-thirds mark. This feels like slow, unambitious plotting that serves to fill pages rather than tell a fast-paced story, and that's a genuine shame. "Green Lantern" fans by now have grown to expect more from this comic.

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