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This issue puts a move on as Hal Jordan faces off with Krona, the mad Guardian, in an attempt to liberate the emotional entities. The faceoff is an all-out brawl, with energy constructs flying all over the place. Johns sets Mahnke up with a large challenge and Mahnke delivers magnificently. What Mahnke puts down on the page, Mayor covers in emerald hues that make this book appear to be oozing chlorophyll. Mahnke continues to impress me with his art, as he is given the opportunity to draw 4/7 of the JLA and manages to throw some Kirby influence in with it all. It’s a sharp looking book.

Without a doubt, this is the best battle Hal Jordan has fought in recent months (at least since the completion of “Blackest Night”) as Hal actually seems to remember that he is a Green Lantern and the Green Lanterns are tasked with protecting the universe and apprehending those who would wish ill upon others. Of course, many of the other ringbearers play a part in this issue, lending Hal a hand in his struggle against Krona. Among those present is Atrocitus, who draws significant interest from Batman later in this issue, and seems laughingly out of place as he joins Hal who, while rushing into action, declares, “We’re the good guys. We always win.” Atrocitus then tries to end the battle in an atrocious manner, but Krona is not so easily defeated.

For a while now, it has seemed that Johns was trying to space out the opponents that could actually give Hal a run for his money. In doing so, however, this book has also seemed to lack focus, which I can now say it has restored. This book is action-packed and reminds me of what this title has the potential to truly be. I’m not keen on the direction Hal chooses at the end of this issue, but with a story looming that bears the title “War of the Green Lanterns,” it certainly didn’t play out as a great surprise.

This issue has a four-page “War of the Green Lanterns” prologue that serves as a nice peek into the fall of Krona and also as a one-panel summary of the Red Lanterns history. There’s also a tease of a possible outcome from said war.

Like the previous issue, this issue holds a character spotlight page from the upcoming movie. In this case, the character is Kilowog. This makes it really hard to stay in the bubble, as I was trying to do with this film, but now that the Poozer is out of the bag, I may as well embrace it. The extra insight makes this comic feel more like a celebration of all things Green Lantern.