Green Lantern #33

Story by
Art by
Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert
Colors by
Randy Mayor
Letters by
Rob Leigh
Cover by
DC Comics

Part five of "Secret Origins" really picks up some heat as Green Lantern's past, present, and future all converge in this penultimate chapter of the follow-up to the "Sinestro Corps War" saga. We find Atrocitus hunting down William Hand and Hector Hammond causing problems for Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. But the threads of Hal Jordan's tapestry don't stop there. Sinestro is on hand to offer foreshadowing aplenty -â€" both of Hal Jordan's struggles against Sinestro and of Jordan's struggles yet to come.

Johns has been plugging away at an origin story that is chock full of those comic geek moments where characters first meet and we get to peek in as it happens. This origin tale not only provides greater insight into the Green Lantern brand, but it also helps provide a springboard to readers who may have skipped "Sinestro Corps War" but want in on the next power-ring fueled adventure in the DCU.

While I didn't truly feel hooked after reading parts of the "Sinestro Corps War", this origin tale has me elevating this title to immediate Must Read throughout this entire storyline.

Reis' work here (with the strong colors of Mayor) is no less fabulous than his "greatest" work to date (the aforementioned "Sinestro Corps War") and DC would be very, very wise to sign this fella to an exclusive toot sweet. Not only is his style strong in detail (check the Manhunter double-page spread), but his storytelling is strong and he knows when backgrounds would just detract from the message altogether (Sinestro's reaction to Abin Sur).

I look forward to the final chapter in this tale, as it seems we're on pace to see even more bits of DC Silver Age goodness thrown into the Green Lantern blender. This tale has been enjoyable and I would strongly recommend it, even if it means checking it out from the library after it has (inevitably) been collected. Honestly, though, why would you want to wait that long?

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