Green Lantern #24

Story by
Art by
Rob Hunter, Billy Tan
Colors by
Alex Sinclair
Letters by
Dave Sharpe
Cover by
DC Comics

"Lights Out" hits the ground running as Kyle Rayner and the remnants of the New Guardians explode onto Oa to warn Hal Jordan, Salaak, Kilowog and John Stewart of the approach of Relic. Already diving into his first Lantern-based crossover, writer Robert Venditti gives readers a lot of information to process in this chapter.

Alternating between bossy and snarky, Venditti's Hal Jordan is not a character that has any endearing qualities in this issue. Kilowog is just as abrasive and one panel of banter between Stewart and Salaak is actually the brightest shining moment of the issue. Around that one interchange, Venditti unloads a condensed version of Relic's origin, brings readers up to speed on the power outages the Green Lanterns have been experiencing and launches Jordan into conflict with Relic. There's plenty of action and plenty of information, but nothing really gripping in "Green Lantern" #24.

Billy Tan's art is decent, but not stunning. His storytelling is clear and his figures are distinct, but some of the camera angles and anatomy choices could be better. Tan packs in plenty of detail, but in the case of "Green Lantern" #24 it might be too much detail as there is very little white space present in the story. The amount of green colorist Alex Sinclair puts on the page further complicates the lack of breathing room in this issue. Tan brings a nice sense of energy to the story, but his artwork needs a little more polish, or maybe even a more complimentary inker. For now, the images help tell the story, but they don't electrify Venditti's story.

The first Lantern book crossover of the post-Johns era opens with a pop instead of a boom. Filled with uncertainty, "Green Lantern" #24 brings many of the recognizable Lanterns together. It feels a little bit like the "Green Lantern Corps" book from the late 1980s that Steve Englehart and Bill Willingham worked on, which integrated Salaak and Kilowog into the Green Lantern lexicon and built a squad of disparate Lanterns into a fan-favorite team. The potential is here for Venditti and Tan to begin building a new fan-favorite era for the Corps and I hope they figure out how to pull it all together soon.

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