Green Lantern 2, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises: Aug 4th Comic Reel


While updating MTV News on his upcoming comic book movie commitments, Ryan Reynolds offers this comment about the potential "Green Lantern" sequel:

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I wonder if he's heard about the possible "edgier and darker" direction WB chief Jeff Robinov is suggesting.

Release date: TBA


At long last, actor/goofball James Franco offers his blessing to the reboot. "I guess there's the tradition of the theatre where everybody would do their version of Hamlet and everybody would do their King Lear and that kind of thing," he tells Digital Spy. "It's a little different with movies because people like to think that films last forever, but within just 10 years you already have a new 'Spider-Man' franchise. It's weird what that might do to the original 'Spider-Man' films ... The thing is, the technology is advancing so fast that often the new renditions sell themselves as having the cutting-edge technology. What early versions couldn't do even five or 10 years ago, these ones can - whether that's exciting new effects or whatever." Okay, maybe it's not so much of a blessing. Using my Franco-to-English app, the actor is ambivalent, but recognizes the original films will look dated as the technology advances.

Release date: May 28th, 2012


More set photos (via Just Jared) reveals that the fighting is just fun and games for Bane and the Batman:

See? That's a friendly pat, not a push. Or, I suppose, it's as gentle as Christian Bale can get.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


And since I've got Franco on my mind, IGN declares that he was miscast in their review of the "Apes" reboot/sequel/what-have-you. "He plays it as if he's the dude who works at your local skate shop but also went to MIT." They go on to say that the humans are the biggest problem with the film as cartoonish bad guy types played by Brian Cox (as "Evil Brian Cox") and Tom Felton parade across the screen so Franco's character can remain a protagonist of sorts. The Apes, meanwhile, are an "evolutionary leap forward for digital characters not unlike the seismic shift between the average, poop-tossing chimpanzee and 'Rise's' main monkey, the hyper-intelligent Caesar." Their praise of the digital apes actually makes me more curious to see the film ... as does their appraisal of Franco's work.

Release date: August 5th, 2011


Marvel released new concept art and stills from the "Iron Man" portion of the Marvel Anime series, including this sketch of Tony Stark:

I don't know if I trust this Tony.

Airdate: July 29th, 2011


If you love camp, sci-fi and/or superheroes, you love William Shatner and Adam West. According to The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex, the two appeared together in a failed pilot called "Alexander the Great." Shatner refers to it in his book, "Up Until Now," but the Hero Complex asked the legendary actors about their time on the show. They even dug up clips:

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