Green Hornet, Smallville, Transformers, Fantastic Four: Comic Reel Wrap for September 9


Could Kevin Smith be changing his mind about directing the big screen adaptation? Variety had this to say: "Gordon also is looking forward to getting Kevin Smith's draft of 'The Green Hornet.' Smith has been unabashed in admitting he's uncertain if he wants to direct the big-budget franchise, but Gordon said he doesn't expect a final decision until Smith has turned in the script."


Kryptonsite has fresh material online about the upcoming season. First they have new screen captures from the latest trailer for the season premiere "Crusade." They also have new spoilers about the season's seventh episode, "Jinx."


Producer Don Murphy keeps stirring the pot on his official site with more details about the upcoming adaptation. Murphy said the live-action film will feature "a core team of Autos and Decepticons. ... The audience needs to care for the characters. Of course we will need a human way in – but when you think about it, the X-Men films featured Wolverine FIRST, then Professor X and Magneto and then Cyclops and Jean and then.... petering out. I never said that there would be only 7 on either side. Just seven that are fully prominent and fleshed out. And hell, it might be 6 or 8." Murphy claims that he and producer Tom DeSanto "spent the last 6 weeks since the announcement negotiating Paramount into the DreamWorks deal. Boring stuff but it needed to be done. Now we will have a writer IMMEDIATELY and more news will follow." Of more interest to fans, Murphy said, "Simon Furman has contacted me directly offering to consult. What do you fans think of this?"


IESB.net has some new details on the casting process. "There has been no official announcement but two of my 'inside sources' and I mean very 'inside source' has told us today that Jim Caviezel is not going to be Superman for two reasons. Bryan believes that he is to old for role and that he does not look enough like Superman. The latter is up to debate but his age isn't. The storyline is supposed to take place right out of college and that would put Clark in the mid twenties not mid thirties."


Actor Chris Evans is at it again, talking to Comingsoon.net about why he selected this role and how he's getting his geek on. "It's tough to say no to superhero. I think it's every little kid's dream is to be a superhero. What guy here didn't wrap a towel around their shirt and run around the living room…I had Dr. Doom growing up; I had the action figure of Dr. Doom. And he kicked a lot of ass as I remember. I didn't know much about this one in particular. As soon as I read the script, I went out and bought some of the comic books just before the audition to brush up a little bit. And it was cool cause I had some buddies who were like 'Dude, Fantastic Four!' I think within the Marvel family, it's up there…I was reading some article on the internet that said that Fantastic Four is first royal family of comic books."


An anonymous tipper emails the Comic Reel to give us some news from our friends in Asia. "Yukito Kishiro, the creator of Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita in the US) has said that he has given James Cameron official permission to make a film based on his work. The only reason this is significant is because it atleast shows Cameron has acquired some official permission to make this film. Rumors have circulated for years of this deal being made, and among the fans of the comic, it was understood that a movie never happened because Yukito Kishiro was not satisfied with the terms. Anyway, draw your own conclusions. If this is old to you, please disregard my message. Also here is a the official site of the creator and the section where he makes this announcement. Its short, but also holds alot of questions about when and if."


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