Green Hornet, Smallville, Justice League: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 20


The lackluster box office results of "Jersey Girl" seem to have given director Kevin Smith stagefright. According to Sci Fi Wire, he's thinking about backing off of the big screen adaptation. "Right after 'Jersey Girl' came out and kind of underperformed, I was just like, 'I got no business making large-budget movies,'" Smith said. "I should always make movies that cost less than 10 million bucks ... I just don't think somebody like me should be in charge of big-budget movies. I'm too interested in dialogue, and dialogue and big budgets just don't blend very well." Smith continues to write the script for the proposed movie, and has been encouraged by Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein to keep his options open. "He said, yes, he would like me to do it," Smith said. "He wants me to get over my chickens--t attitude. I don't know if it's chickens--t. If I do it, I don't think I'm going to do it alone. I think I'm going to bring somebody on with me to co-direct it. Because I just don't trust myself ... There's people that I like. And whether or not Miramax would agree to let me bring those people on is a whole different story. We have to start making the movie by April [2005]. Or Miramax has to start making the movie by April '05, so whether it's with me or not, it'll go into production."


Warren Ellis keeps the blogrolling coming at his die puny humans website. "The unfinished GF Central Operations set. It's HUGE. I was out there with its designers, Richard and Linda. Richard said to me, 'This is feature (movie) quality build. They brought the a-team for this show.' It's vast and clever and real. This isn't 'BIRDS OF PREY,' you know what I mean? They're going to email me shots of the complete set with Aleph's consoles next week. But just walking around this thing ... it's the amplification of the work that I never thought of."


Kryptonsite is back with more news about the hit WB series, starting with a recap of some spoiler-ish coverage of the show on Chicago's WGN.

In other news, Hollywood North Reports has photos and word from the Vancouver set, looking at the football game shoot.


Oh, Chicago fans, what would we do without you? Superhero Hype has a last trickle of spy reports from the Windy City, detailing wheres and whens on the last big bangs of filming this weekend.


IESB talked to "Big Brother" star Nathan Marlow who confirms he too has tested for the role of 'Superman." "I auditioned for the role of Superman, you know it's kind of funny, I went in there and Jake Gyllenhaal was right in front of me and Josh Hartnett was coming in after me, I was surrounded by all these 'A' list actors but I went in and auditioned for it and the casting director liked me but I think that I got to get away from all the reality buzz to be considered for Superman, the casting director is also the same one for 'X-Men 3' so I'm hoping to maybe get a part in that one." Marlow claims he tested for Bryan Singer, which implies Gyllenhaal and Hartnett are still in the chase.

According to Moviehole, soap star Ryan McPartlin has apparently tested for the tights, and Superman-V.com reports that "Smallville" star Tom Welling has agreed to screentest alongside Jim Cavaziel, Brandon Routh, Aussie soap star Conrad Coleby and a virtual throng of unknowns.


The Cartoon Network series has reunited "Wonder Years" actors Fred Savage and Jason hervey as brothers again, this time as Hawk and Dove in this weekend's episode. Voice director Andrea Romano said, "I had worked with Fred Savage for many years now. think he's just a terrific talent and a very good voiceover actor. And when we got the casting for this episode, the producers came to me, Bruce Timm, and said, 'Wouldn't it be fun to get Fred Savage and then have Jason Hervey to play his brother?' since they played brothers on 'The Wonder Years.' Since I had a working relationship with Fred Savage, that was not a problem. That was really quite simple to call the agent and book him, and he's quite happy to do the work. ason Hervey was a bit harder to track down. He doesn't live in Los Angeles anymore, somewhere out of state. We tracked him down and found his agent, who also happens to be his mother we came to find out, and broke it down and explained that it was a Justice League episode with two super-hero brothers, Hawk and Dove, and that we did have Fred Savage on board already. We asked if Jason would be willing to come into town and play the brother. After she spoke with him, she said he would be very enthusiastic to come in and play. The final casting is opposite their old relationship, with Savage provided the voice of Hawk, and Hervey did the voice of Dove. Comics Continuum has more detail and screen captures from the episode.


The same page at Comics Continuum has an update on the J. Scott Campbell small screen adaptation. "The rights are back to us," Cambpell said. "It never got to pilot stage. The TV people ultimately liked something else. They did well to get it up the pole as far as they did."


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