Green Hornet, Lady Death, Batman, more: March 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


News Askew has a look at what could be the new "Green Hornet" logo, and also checked out Kevin Smith answering questions on his own web board. As far as casting and movies have gone, Smith said, "I've only taken one meeting thus far, and it went great." Smith also noted he's been listening to the old radio programs for a month, and promises to fit the Black Beauty into the film.


Reports of her demise may have been exaggerated: the formerly over-endowed macabre femme fatale now has an official website for her cinematic debut.


Superhero Hype has a spoiler-laden plot synopsis of the new Chris Nolan film. They also note that a British mansion known as Mentmore Towers has been drafted to become Wayne Manor. Meanwhile, the Icelandic spies have been busy, allegedly posting photos of assistant art director Susan Whitaker, propsman Quentin Davies and other crew members getting up close and personal with the local scenery. Allegedly, this article from the Icelandic press backs up the notion that Warner is busy in the frozen country.


Marvel Enterprises gave their fourth quarter 2003 earnings conference call, and Avi Arad updated the calendar of releases for the company's cinematic outings. TV spots for "The Punisher" will start next week, promoting the film's April 16th release. "Spider-Man 2" is still on for July 2nd, Arad noted that "Blade: Trinity" would likely demand a "Blade 4." October will unleash Marvel's "Man-Thing," July 2005 will see "Fantastic Four," "Iron Man" will be seen in November 2005, a year which will also supposedly see "Ghost Rider" (despite rumors of Nic Cage's schedule being too jam packed) and "Luke Cage" (Variety just recently confirmed John Singleton as the director, with a script by Ben Ramsey). Looking ahead, 2006 will see "X-Men 3," "Hulk 2," "Namor," "Punisher 2," "Iron Fist," "Black Widow" and "Deathlok." Finally, "Spider-Man 3" is slated for 2007, filming for "Elektra" is confirmed to begin May 2004, and talks are in progress to get "Nick Fury" and "Captain America" on the screen as well. Finally, he said that "in the years to come you'll be seeing more family and female oriented films, based on Marvel's characters, as well. "


According to Superhero Hype, Mike Mignola's masterpiece enjoyed an innovative marketing stunt. "Protesters" took to New York City's Union Square, wielding placards and calling for an investigation of the BPRD, allegedly also chanting, "Hellboy is real!" A huge black truck nearby bore the BPRD logo. As well, Los Angeles area fans can catch a special presentation at the virtually monthly Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention by special effects workshop Spectral Motion, who handled the effects for the big screen adaptation. Finally, Yahoo! Movies has the new trailer (an extended version of the TV spot) online and some behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film.


There's a new trailer for the Thomas Jane action flick online.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers on a pivotal bit of casting for the WB series.


Superhero Hype is on the ball today: they also have a rumor that "Friends" actor Paul Rudd eschewed the idea that he was ever in the running to portray Kal-El, but he told the SHH scooper, "I have recently been contacted about the Fantastic Four movie, but I don't think I'll be playing the lead or anything. I think they might want a bigger star to anchor the picture." Sean Astin is still gunning for the director's chair, saying he's "in with a good chance" to people at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party (according to Dark Horizons), and he said Orlando Bloom is committed to play the Human Torch.


Dark Horizons also noted that Jennifer Garner was telling people Ben Affleck would probably not be involved with the spin-off film at all.


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