Green Hornet, Hellboy, Spider-Man, more: February 19 Comic Reel Wrap


Miramax Films issued a press release saying that fanboy favorite Kevin Smith will be writing and directing a big screen adaptation of the swank adventurer with the Asian chauffeur. The same-named son of "Green Hornet" creator George Trendle will be on hand to executive produce. Smith said, "Long-time comics geek gets to make comic book movie? This is a dream come true. I'm still reeling! You don't know how in love with Harvey Weinstein I am right now. I couldn't have asked for a better vote of confidence in me as a filmmaker than being afforded the opportunity with 'Hornet' to push beyond the boundaries of what I've done in film thus far. Making this movie with Miramax means that not only will we deliver an exciting, chop-socky-filled action flick, but it's gonna have a compelling story, believable characters, and great dialogue to boot! Let's roll, Kato!"


Countingdown.com interviewed director Guillermo del Toro as he worked on scoring the upcoming action film. The director discusses his passion for post-production, the status of the film as of now, and staying faithful to the source material, as well as clearing up rumors about his next projects. He mentions a tidbit that will get DVD fans salivating, saying that the current version of the film is "1 hour, 50 minutes. It will stay that length until the DVD ... We cut 45 minutes of the movie. I think that the final cut on the DVD will probably be 2 hours and 10 minutes. We're including a lot of scenes that are more permissible to put back after the movie's release, because if someone is buying the special edition, they want to see more. As opposed to trying to be prudent ... I think that an action-adventure movie shouldn't be longer than two hours, but that's my opinion."

del Toro also discusses his committment to being available to the fans. "I just feel probably that Hellboy is a unique occurrence in my life. I would not do it for every movie. I did not do it for Blade, that's for sure, I didn't do it for any of the others. But my feeling is that Hellboy is such a special property, such a special mythology, that we all feel proprietary ... I know I do, and I know that it's a movie that whether the fans end up liking it or not liking it, depending on who each one of them are, some of them may have a fit and a heart attack because we changed the design of the stone hand, or because the movie has a percentage of things that happen in a city, or because we're not always Mignola dark except in certain occasions ... Whatever, I think that whatever happens, at least the least effort I can do for fans, as proprietary as I am, is keep them in the loop, beat by beat, keep the creator involved, beat by beat, and say, 'you wanna poke me? I'm here' And I really have become accessible to that degree, to the point where I correspond personally with several of them, and it has been that way from the start."


Faithful reader Ricardo D. Martins sent us this tidbit from Brazilian movie site Omelete, showing new photos from the web-spinning sequel, including an ultra-wholesome headshot of Peter's rival for MJ, a tentacles-on photo of the Good Doctor, and Peter getting his Clark Kent on.


The bells keep on tolling for the beleaguered production. On one hand, Superman-V.com talked to Owen Patterson's agents, who said, "Owen still is the production designer for Superman. He has gone to Australia, because that's where they plan on shooting."

On the other hand, comic book writer Mark Millar posted on his message board some wholly contradictory info: "Trust me, McG is not getting anywhere NEAR this f***ing thing. He (and others) are talking about this as a means of rejigging their careers. No actress is being seriously considered for Lois and nobody is being auditioned for Supes because there is NO MOVIE, folks. Here's the scoop ... The movie is already something like 50 mill in debt because of all the false-starts. It's a HUGE problem because they want big stars, big effects and a big budget and this would push you to the 250, 300 million mark. This ain't gonna happen, especially with someone as choppy as McG and that f***ing awful script kicking around. A chum of mine, like I've said, has been making calls and taking meetings very quietly, has a few things he has to finish first and plans to get moving on this around 2006. Believe NONE of this bulls*** you're reading because Beyonce, etc, etc, is just all pish. The real deal is still two years away from even seriously starting work on this so the flick isn't going to be seen until around 2007 at the earliest. There'll be possibly two Batman pics before the next Superman." Considering that Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage were allegedly under pay-or-play contracts (with Cage's buy out price being $20 million whether he filmed a frame or not) for previous concepts of the film (including Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen), that would back up Millar's assertations about the existing debt.


IGN's Filmforce has a positive script review of the Michael Gordon-penned adaptation of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley's graphic novel. "What made Gordon's draft of '300' a better account of the Battle of Thermopylae than David Self's adaptation of 'Gates of Fire' was that it succeeded in developing its characters. Leonidas is not overlooked here as he was in 'Gates;' he is Spartacus, William Wallace, and Maximus all rolled into one. A wise and noble leader of men who can also throw down with the best of him."


The Scarlet Carpet talked to "Six Feet Under" matriarch Frances Conroy about her secretive part in the Halle Berry action flick. "I play a very mysterious woman named Ophelia Powers, I play my scenes with Halle Berry. I'm not quite sure if Ophelia's real, or just a presence, but she's very important to Halle's character's fate and her life continuing." Conroy said Ophelia "is an essential character who appears at a very significant point in the script -- when Halle is given help when she needs it. I suppose I am sort of a catwoman in a way - a force who initiates Halle into the powers that she has acquired. I give Halle her life. I endow her with strengths. I'm sort of a conduit to enable Patience (Berry) to bring alive this new persona." Conroy said her character is "sort of a spirit. You see her in a house, but I feel the house just appears for Patience to find. Then once it's served its purpose, it vanishes." In other feline news, the Catwoman Unofficial site notes that "the way Patience Philips becomes the anti-hero, Catwoman is 'freakish and disturbing.'" Also, Getty Images has a photo of the Mattel Barbie versions of the character, in costume and out.


Nifty.com posted this RealMedia teaser for the Japanese film.


Dark Horizons reports that "Nic Cage and Harrison Ford are rumoured to be up for the adaptation which David Cronenberg is helming."


The adaptation is already released in France and Switzerland, and Ain't It Cool News has a report online already. Of course it has spoilers, and the review is ... well, in the words of the reviewer: "it's quite difficult to talk about it, the movie is more to be experienced than trying to figure everything out. It's something unusual, somewhere in between Terence Malick, Jodorowsky and DEAD MAN. So that surely won't please everybody! And surely people will hate the ending and be bored by it. I thought the end visions were great and obviously hypnotic. It last a while but frankly that all for the best."


Another day, another batch of updates from Kryptonsite. Today they feature a screen capture gallery from the trailer to next week's episode, "Resurrection." They also have a gallery of images from the March 3rd episode, "Crisis," and finally they offer new spoilers about the upcoming episode "Truth." Of course, Devoted to Smallville never takes that sort of thing lying down, and have digitized the actual trailer for "Resurrection" and scans of an magazine article on one of the show's main brains, Alfred Gough.


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