Green Hornet: Blood Ties TPB

For five years, Green Hornet and Kato have been taking to the streets of Century City, wiping gangsters, drug lords, and killers off the streets. The job is almost done, but the city's two last mob bosses aren't going down without a fight.

Joe Fannelli and Tony Carbo go back a long time. They ran numbers, they made collections, they broke the occasional leg. Now, they run the last two thriving mobs in Century City. But Tony is dying. Carbo has set up his son to take over the family business. Unfortunately, Tony Carbo, Jr. is a murderous sociopath. Now, Joe Fannelli has to battle on every front: keeping his friend's son from destroying everything he's built, keeping upstart Yakuza boss Oni Juuma from taking it all away, and keeping Green Hornet from sending him to prison for the rest of his life.

The story behind the story, GREEN HORNET: BLOOD TIES recounts the events that lead up to the hit KEVIN SMITH'S GREEN HORNET series. You've seen Britt Reid, Jr. and the new Kato take on the mantles created by their fathers. Now, find out how the original Green Hornet and Kato took down the last of Century City's crime bosses.

Collection features:

The complete 4-issue mini series by Ande Parks and Johnny Desjardins that acts as a prequel to Kevin Smith's Green Hornet series!

All of the series covers by Johnny Desjardins

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