Green Fly Productions offers 'Before Dawn' in December Previews

Official Press Release

Green Fly Productions announces its debut horror/black comedy graphic novel, BEFORE DAWN, will be available for pre-order in the December Previews catalogue.

Written by Wesley Craig Green and illustrated by award-winning artist, Jason Whitley, BEFORE DAWN pays homage to horror movies of the 80s, specifically Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD and Peter Jackson's DEADALIVE.

Since its successful debut at this year's SPX, a positive buzz has slowly been building for BEFORE DAWN. "As part of our marketing campaign, I sent copies to some comic professionals whose work I admire," writer Wesley Craig Green said. "Every response we have received has been great so far. It is very encouraging to get such positive responses from people- such as Dan Brereton (creator of THE NOCTURNALS and Rick Spears (writer/co-creator of TEENAGERS FROM MARS)- who consistently put out such good work."

As for the story itself, BEFORE DAWN has been compared to the classic cult horror movie, EVIL DEAD, on more than one occasion. "At the SPX convention, the majority of people who checked the book out would comment how it had that EVIL DEAD feel to it which would lead to them buying the book. So there's undoubtedly a market out there for an over-the-top horror story filled with black humor, zombies, and demons."

While the graphic novel is available for pre-ordering in the December Previews catalogue for February delivery, it is already available for easy online ordering at Green Fly Production's website (www.greenflyproductions.com/gfpstore.com), where each book ordered is signed by the writer. Previews and supplemental material for BEFORE DAWN is available at http://www.greenflyproductions.com/previews_bd_home.html.

BEFORE DAWN is a b&w, 64-page graphic novel retailing at $5.95 US, and is published by Green Fly Productions.

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