Green Arrow/Lantern Shuffle: DC Exclusive Winick to Write 'Green Arrow,' Raab on 'Green Lantern'

After two and a half years of writing "Green Lantern," Judd Winick knows the truth about DC Comics: They really, really like him.

The company announced Thursday that they had signed Winick to a one year exclusive contract, one which allows Winick to continue creating "The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius" for Oni Press.

"I was greatly flattered and excited to be offered an exclusive with DC," Winick is quoted as saying in a Thursday press release. "I'm thrilled to be a part of the team and look forward to several projects we have lined up."

But Winick's next year with DC won't be spent writing "Green Lantern" stories: He's been tapped to take over "Green Arrow" after a two issue run by Scott Beatty. His first assignment finds him on familiar territory, however: Winick is co-writing a six part bi-weekly crossover with new "Green Lantern" writer Ben Raab. "Black Circle: Urban Knights," with art by Charlie Adlard, features Ollie Queen and Kyle Rayner teaming up against an intergalactic crime cartel intent on setting up shop on Earth. The story runs in "Green Arrow" #23-25 and "Green Lantern" #162-164.

Following "Black Circle: Urban Knights," Winick settles into "Green Arrow" as its new full-time writer. (The art team of Phil Hester, Ande Parks and cover artist Matt Wagner is unchanged.)

"My run on 'Green Arrow' will tend to be about moving forward," Winick is quoted as saying. "Kevin Smith powerfully brought Ollie back, gave him a family and a new world to live in. Brad Meltzer's run deftly delves into the GA mythos and ties up the loose ends from the past. In my run, we'll have a new villain, a ton of nods to the past, and the continuation and further development of Oliver Queen's relationships with his allies and family. Green Arrow is a character I've always loved and I can't wait to get cracking on him."

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