Green Arrow #25 Teases A Major Character's Rebirth Debut

It’s safe to say that the DC Universe's version of Seattle, Washington has seen better days. Over the course of the last year, the Green Arrow team has put the city (and it’s roster of super heroic inhabitants) through the wringer, a series of adventures that culminated in a collapse of truly apocalyptic proportions.

That’s “apocalyptic” in the literal sense -- Seattle has all but burned to the ground, leaving the skeletal start of a new Star City in it’s place. And while that name might ring familiar for long time Green Arrow fans, the Rebirth status quo of the Emerald Archer is still a work-in-progress.

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Luckily, this week’s giant-sized issue #25 gave us a sneak peak at the road map for Rebirth Green Arrow<.i>’s second year, presented in a convenient splash page format filled with teases from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Otto Schmidt.

The upper left panel features a meditative Shado, who we will no doubt be seeing return in the near future. Shado featured prominently at the start of Rebirth's Green Arrow, but temporarily ducked out of the spotlight after laying the groundwork for a healthier relationship with her daughter, Emi.

However, rebuilt bridges or no, Shado’s always been a chaotic force in Ollie’s life, so whether her reappearance will spell out disaster or victory for Team Arrow is up in the air.

Immediately to the right, we get a sneak preview of Ollie’s first official Rebirth interaction with the Justice League. Though Green Arrow’s been a member of the team off and on for years, his New 52 status quo situated him as an occasional second-stringer at best, and Rebirth Green Arrow hasn’t done much to course correct Ollie’s social life outside of Seattle/Star City proper.

By the looks of things here, Oliver's impending meeting with the League may not end up going all that smoothly.

Taking up a bulk of the page are the Hard Traveling Heroes themselves, Ollie and Hal Jordan, standing back to back. It’s a reunion we’ve known was coming for quite some time now, but Issue #25 makes it clear just how and why Ollie will be setting out on the open road. The tricky part will most likely be getting Hal back to Earth after he’s spent the vast majority of Rebirth out in the far reaches of space, but hey -- if he can make time to stop by Barry Allen’s birthday Flash #23, he can probably find the time for a quick road trip with an old friend, right?

Next to Hal and Ollie, we’ve got Dinah Lance standing with Emi Queen, who's decked out in a new, very Red Arrow-flavored costume. Black Canary's appearance might not be a happy one, however; though Green Arrow has done an astronomical amount of work repairing the Romeo and Juliet-style relationship between Ollie and Dinah, they just wouldn’t be them without a little drama. This last arc has really brought the pain, leaving the pair decidedly on the outs. It's hard to tell from only a single panel, but it looks like we might see a moment where Emi is made to take sides -- and, judging by this teaser, it's pretty clear just who she'll decide to go with.

At the bottom of the page, we see a group shot of a brand new team that was just recently solicited as a tie-in to the Dark Nights: Metal event: the "Gotham Resistance.” The team features an out-of-left-field hodge podge of heroes, bringing together Ollie, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Damian Wayne, Harley Quinn, Dinah Lance and Killer Croc. Exactly what will go down in Metal to bring Team Arrow, a handful of Bat kids and a portion of the Suicide Squad together is really anyone’s guess at this point. If Dark Days: The Forge proved anything, it's that all bets are off as far as what is or isn't on the table for the event.

Finally, we have a shadowy tease of someone who, at first glance, could really be written off as just another panel of Ollie himself -- But upon closer inspection, a traditional looking wooden bow and a belt of utility pouches tease a much bigger (and highly anticipated) return. It looks like Ollie’s long lost son, Connor Hawke, might finally be taking his place back in the DCU after a seven year absence.

Maybe. A lot can change in seven years, so if we are indeed on the cusp a proper Rebirth for the second-generation Green Arrow, who knows what version of him we could end up getting. That is, if the half-hidden figure is even Connor Hawke at all.

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