5 Marvel Characters Green Arrow Would Work With (& 5 That Would Hate Him)

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You can use a variety of words to describe Green Arrow. Principled. Arrogant. Heroic. Condescending. They're somewhat contradictory and all accurate. Oliver Queen is one of the most divisive members of the Justice League, though he has worked hard to earn his place among them.

He is as much a social crusader as he is a superhero. Because of that, he often rubs his teammates the wrong way. There are those heroes who consider him a friend and those that barely tolerate him. It wouldn't be much different for Green Arrow in the Marvel Universe.

10 WORK WITH: Wolverine

The mutant with a nasty set of claws and a powerful healing factor would make an excellent partner for the Emerald Archer. Like Green Arrow, Wolverine can be more than a little obnoxious at times, but he also as a strong set of principles he follows. Both heroes are willing to do what's necessary and fight for what's right.

If Green Arrow and Wolverine teamed up, it would be one hell of a fight. Simply put, Green Arrow doesn't miss, and neither does Wolverine, though his attacks come from a much closer range. Never missing is a lot less impressive for Wolverine.

9 HATE HIM: Captain America

While Captain America is also a hero with a moral code who fights for a cause, he would find Green Arrow's overbearing attitude annoying and difficult to manage. He already has to deal with Hawkeye, who can be a jerk a lot of the time, so adding another surly archer into the mix would just give him that much more of a headache.

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Green Arrow's almost pathological issues with authority would inevitably put him at odds with Captain America, leading to a fight between the two heroes. In the end, the fight might lead to finding some common ground, but not before Green Arrow shot a punching glove arrow at Cap's shield.

8 WORK WITH: Punisher

Punisher and his shotgun

It's not that Green Arrow condones corporal punishment, but he would appreciate Punisher's outlook on life. He's willing to do what it takes to accomplish goals, as does Green Arrow. The two heroes would work together in the common goal of wiping out street crime and protecting the innocent.

Despite the appearance, Punisher operates under a strict code that is virtually impossible to bend. Green Arrow can be equally stubborn. As long as they stay on the same side of an issue, and Frank Castle doesn't take things too far, they would be an unstoppable duo.

7 HATE HIM: War Machine

War-Machine guns firing

It's fair to say that a hero with a military background is not likely to be fond of Green Arrow, and that definitely includes War Machine. Arrow's political leanings take him away from the military, to say the least, and James Rhodes is about as hard-nosed of a military veteran as you're going to find in the Marvel Universe.

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It's difficult to say whether they'd end up in an actual fight or not since War Machine both out powers and out guns Green Arrow. That being said, Green Arrow has also never been one to back down from a fight, no matter how much of a disadvantage he's at.

6 WORK WITH: Black Widow

The biggest problem for her is what would happen if he started butting heads with her current friends and allies. A choice would need to be made, depending on what side everyone falls on. Black Widow's loyalties are not for sale, and she will do what she thinks is right, just like Green Arrow.

5 HATE HIM: Spider-Man

Spider-Man's web

Spider-Man lives by the philosophy that with great power comes great responsibility. At first glance, you might think that Green Arrow would appreciate Spider-Man's mentality. In reality, he would openly mock it as childish and naive. It's unlikely that a fight would break out over this, but Green Arrow would likely be unrelenting in his jabs at Spider-Man over it.

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Keeping in mind that one of Spider-Man's many superhuman abilities is to keep talking constantly, the war of words between the two would be endlessly entertaining to readers.

4 WORK WITH: Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers might be one of the few heroes with a military background that would not be annoyed by Green Arrow's personal politics. Captain Marvel has become one of the most prominent heroes in the Marvel Universe, and one of the most powerful.

Her military experience has given her an edge in combat situations. Initially, she might be put off by his feelings about the military, but she would eventually warm up to his ability to take on any challenge and come out on top. She might not need his backup in a fight, but he would support her overall mission as a hero.

3 HATE HIM: Storm

Storm's rage

As a member of the X-Men, Storm has worked with mutants and other powered individuals from all walks of life. That being said, she takes what she does seriously and does not suffer fools, no matter what form they take. Green Arrow's attitude would be an immediate annoyance to her, and rightfully so.

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His condescending tone would be a massive problem for Storm and one she could not easily forgive. If she gets the chance to know him, that might change, but it would be a difficult road to get there. It's more likely that the animosity between them would grow and fester.

2 WORK WITH: Hawkeye

Hawkeye shooting an arrow

Two archers who can be annoying and pig-headed working together. What could possibly go wrong? At first, they'd probably hate each other, but that would quickly change as they argued their way into becoming friends. Or, at the very least, allies on the battlefield.

Every fight they engaged in side-by-side would become a competition for who could score the most and the best shots. Then, they'd probably spend the rest of their time hanging out and comparing notes on everything they don't like about politics and the economy. It seems like a match made in heaven.

1 HATE HIM: Black Panther

The King of Wakanda is one of the ultimate authority figures in the Marvel Universe. The leader of a country elected without a democratic election is exactly the type of situation that would drive Green Arrow nuts, and he is unlikely to shut up about it.

He would never accept Black Panther as an ally because he could never see him as anything other than a king. Given Green Arrow's attitude towards him, Black Panther would not be particularly tolerant of Green Arrow's criticisms. Depending on how far Queen pushes his luck, he might end up on the wrong side of a fight with the Black Panther.

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