"Green Arrow" Reintroduces [Spoilers] to Oliver's World -- But As Friend or Foe?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for "Green Arrow" #2, on sale now.

When DC Comics' Rebirth kicked off, Oliver Queen seemed to have it all: he and Black Canary were reunited, his charities were running seamlessly, and his half-sister Emiko was living at his house and (reluctantly) attending school. However, by the end of "Green Arrow" #1, it all began to unravel, and in Issue #2, the creative team of Benjamin Percy and Oliver Schmidt has taken him to new lows.

In the closing pages of Issue #1, Oliver was ambushed and shot by Emiko and her mother, Shado. Now, after the pair leave Oliver for dead in Puget Sound, he awakens to he finds his house demolished, his reputation destroyed by Broderick, and his fortune stolen. The body of his secretary, Wendy Poole, has also washed ashore, and a drunken murder-suicide by Oliver is the presumed cause of death. This all seems to be the work of the mysterious Ninth Circle, but without his vast wealth to draw on, Oliver has an uphill battle to get his life back.

Luckily, he'll (eventually) have some help. Black Canary vows to "bring the hurt" to whoever killed and slandered Oliver. Canary's introduction to the issue brings with it a fun Easter egg/possible foreshadowing as the Wild Dog Militia are namedropped on a video screen. An image of the Wild Dog vigilante -- an obscure DC Comics anti-hero from the '80s who was recently announced as an addition to the cast of "Arrow" in Season 5 -- is shown on the screen.

And, a few thousand miles away, none other than John Diggle also receives the news of Oliver Queen's death.

In his return to "Green Arrow" comics, Diggle is back to working as an elite private bodyguard. Described as "the closest thing to James Bond in private security," Oliver's one-time best friend has been hired to protect the wealthy Mr. Kanoot from assassination outside of Abu Dhabi. Just as Mr. Kanoot's transport comes under fire, Diggle receives strange, encrypted messages in his headset that alert him of Oliver Queen's death and provide instructions for how to avenge him. Specifically, "Follow Kanoot's money to the Ninth Circle."

However, it's not clear how willing Diggle might be to help Oliver. In fact, he may be tempted to throw in with the Ninth Circle if it means destroying his friend's life. "What the Hell are you talking about, and why the Hell do you think I give a damn?" Diggle snarls in response to the mystery transmission. "If Queen was killable, I would have killed him. That punk-ass lothario is the reason I left Seattle."

Will these vigilantes be allies or enemies for Oliver? Will Diggle follow the breadcrumbs back to Seattle? Either way, it looks like Oliver Queen will need to win back not only his fortune, but his friends, to reclaim his life.

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