Hard Targets: 10 Heroes Green Arrow Gets Along With (And 10 He Just Finds Annoying)

Green Arrow debuted all the way back in 1941, but he feels much more modern. That might be because of the massive reboot the character underwent in the late '60s. He went from being a blatant Batman knockoff, complete with an Arrowcar, Arrow Cave and red-wearing sidekick, to a politically-minded loudmouth with strong opinions on every topic under the sun. Since then, the man has lost his fortune, become mayor, been blown up, come back to life, married, divorced and more. These changes can be viewed positively, since it gave Ollie a distinctive personality and purpose. But they have also made some fans regard him as unsympathetic, even insufferable. And many of GA's fellow heroes agree with fans who low-key wish he would get shot with one of his own arrows.

But there are some heroes he does get along with. In fact, Ollie is part of two of the most famous relationships in DC’s history: his romance with Black Canary and his friendship with Green Lantern are both legendary. No matter how many feuds he has going with other heroes, Green Arrow can almost always fall back on these two for support. This list will pay tribute to them and to eight other heroes that have figured out the secret of putting up with Green Arrow. And then, just for balance, it will also look at ten heroes that Green Arrow finds annoying… or that find him annoying. One or the other is definitely true and, in some cases, maybe even both!

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The day Connor Hawke was born, Oliver Queen walked out of the delivery room and never went back, effectively abandoning both his girlfriend and their son. A lot of children would find it hard to forgive their fathers for that, but Connor has a bigger heart than most. Father and son eventually reconciled and became quite close.

Oliver and Connor met when Connor was an adult studying archery and Buddhist philosophy at a California monastery. The two bonded, and while they've had their ups and downs since then, they have generally remained on good terms. Connor even took the name Green Arrow when Ollie was presumed deceased.



While Green Arrow and his original sidekick, Roy Harper, have gotten along for long stretches of time, they are much more famous for their many, many spats. The first real crisis came when Roy became a heroin addict.  Green Arrow responded by throwing him out of the house. After Roy recovered, he visited GA just to punch him.

The two did reconcile after that, only to see their relationship blown to pieces yet again in the aftermath of Cry for Justice. Green Arrow took out the villain Prometheus in revenge for his wiping out of Lian Harper, Roy's daughter. Roy, who wanted to end Prometheus himself, chewed Ollie out for this and then turned supervillain.


Maybe it's their mutual respect for each other's heroism, or maybe it's their shared love of the color green. In any case, Green Arrow and Green Lantern have been inseparable for decades. They even costarred in Green Lantern/Green Arrow in the '70s. Granted, they fought through most of that series, but readers knew they'd be there for each other when the chips were down.

When Green Arrow decided to road trip across America, Green Lantern went with him. When Green Lantern walked out on the League in Cry for Justice, Green Arrow was right behind. Even after Ollie was forced to take out a crazed Hal, which led to Hal becoming the all-powerful Spectre, they remained the best of super buddies.


New 52 Barry Allen

Barry Allen, the second Flash, was traditionally one of DC's more straitlaced heroes. He's very by-the-books and tends to have faith in established institutions. In other words, he's exactly the sort of person that drives Green Arrow up the wall.

In Brave and the Bold #4, Ollie and Barry nearly came to blows over whether police officers are generally trustworthy. Much later, when GA was wanted for his part in taking down of Prometheus in Green Arrow #31, Barry confirmed their long-standing rivalry, proclaiming, "Every time I see you -- you remind me why I don't like you." Harsh words, but the feeling is more than mutual.


Black Canary in Birds of Prey

Green Arrow's relationship with Black Canary, who he calls "Pretty Bird," is by far the longest romance he's ever had. They even married, though all of their friends started taking bets on how long it would last the instant they got the wedding invitations. Sure enough, they got a divorce four years later in real time.

Needless to say, their relationship isn't perfect. Green Arrow has a tendency to run off with Green Lantern at the drop of a hat, and he's cheated on her more than once. But when he's written well, it's clear that he respects Black Canary as both a hero and a partner.


Unlike Green Lantern, who Green Arrow found common ground with despite their political differences, Hawkman just rubs Green Arrow in all the wrong ways. They have come to blows multiple times, most notably in Identity Crisis, when Hawkman spearheaded the effort to start brainwashing foes and friends alike.

Even without that issue between them, Ollie and Carter have opposing political views. Carter thinks Ollie is a "beatnik anachronism;" Ollie thinks Carter is way too conservative. They've even squabbled over personal relationships. Green Arrow was the one who rightly called out Hawkman for trying to pressure a 19-year-old into a relationship.


You'd think that the second Atom and the first Green Arrow wouldn't get along, given their history. They were on opposite sides of Identity Crisis, with Ray voting in favor of mindwiping Doctor Light and Green Arrow staunchly opposing the move.

And yet, unlike Ollie's relationship with Hawkman, his and Ray's friendship doesn't seem to have suffered in the long term. By the time of Cry for Justice, there was no animosity apparent between them. Ray even agreed to join GA's band of ex-Leaguers. That turned out to be an extremely bad idea, but it doesn't change the fact that Ollie and Ray got along very well throughout the story.


Cassandra Cain as Batgirl

This Batgirl hasn't had an easy life. Her father raised her to be a criminal, and even after she decided she wanted nothing to do with his legacy, she was brainwashed into leading the League of Assassins. Once she got better, Batman offered her a second chance by making her a member of his superhero team, the Outsiders.

Green Arrow disapproved of that. A lot. The fact that Ollie himself had killed multiple people by this point without being brainwashed once appears to have slipped his mind. The minute Cass showed up, Green Arrow started shooting at her. Obviously, he failed to do her serious harm, and he stuck to badmouthing her behind her back from then on.


Mia Dearden as Speedy

Green Arrow met the teenage Mia when she was living on the street, leading a dangerous and unhealthy life. He took her in, giving her not only a home but a new mission as his sidekick Speedy. He also encouraged/forced her to join the Teen Titans, realizing that she needed friends who weren't obsessed with archery.

Mia thrived under Ollie's care. In return, she has been his friend and confidante ever since. After Green Arrow took out Prometheus and was on the run from almost every other hero, including old friends like Green Lantern and Black Canary, only Speedy stuck by his side.



If there's one thing Green Arrow can't stand, it's a goody-two-shoes. And however you feel about Superman, his reputation is definitely more squeaky clean than not. It's therefore unsurprising that Green Arrow tends to disparage Superman's approach to crime-fighting. He's gotten in his face about it more than once, criticizing his decisions in front of the rest of the Justice League.

Recently, Green Arrow falsely blamed Superman for Roy Harper's demise. He even slugged Supes in the face. The punch didn't do anything, obviously, but it's the thought that counts. It really is a good thing Superman is so upstanding, or Ollie would be a green pancake by now.


Manitou Dawn

Manitou Raven and his wife, Dawn, were heroes thousands of years ago. After fighting alongside the Justice League, they agreed to come to the future to join the team. While Raven spent most of his time acquainting himself with this new time period, Dawn became increasingly lonely. Green Arrow tried to comfort her, and they ended up getting along a little too well.

Not long after Ollie and Dawn slept together, Manitou Raven was killed in battle. They both felt guilty about that, though Green Arrow, presumably used to ignoring his conscience by now, got over it faster than Dawn did.


Granted, Batman is not the easiest fellow to get along with. In his own way, he can be just as insufferable as Green Arrow. But rather than bonding over their shared misanthropy, Bats and GA really get on each others' nerves. Only in the most dire circumstances will one approach the other for help. Even then, they'll both be as rude as possible the whole time.

At least some of this distrust stems from the now-infamous events of Identity Crisis. In the second issue, Batman learned that some of his teammates were mindwiping a villain they had a personal grudge against. Green Arrow agreed -- however reluctantly -- that the only way to keep their dirty secret was to mindwipe Batman as well.


Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow are among the longest serving members of the Justice League, which means they've spent a whole lot of time together over the years. And in that time, the boisterous Ollie and the calming J'onn have found a way to work together.

That's not to say they're not besties or anything, but Martian Manhunter is such a soothing presence that even Green Arrow finds it difficult to pick a fight with him. In Heroes in Crisis, when Green Arrow raged at the Justice League for "letting" Roy Harper die, it was Martian Manhunter who tugged him aside and helped him to chill enough to get through the funeral.


JLA Quiz Black Lightning

So many of Ollie's problems would go away if he could just keep it to himself. But no, he went and got together with Joanna Pierce, who happened to be the niece of Ollie's fellow Justice Leaguer, Black Lightning.  Normally, there's nothing wrong with two consenting adults doing what they please. If you sense a "but" coming, you're absolutely right.

But Ollie was under the mistaken impression that Joanna knew about his relationship with Black Canary and didn't bother to tell her he already had a girlfriend. Joanna was understandably annoyed, until her association with GA led to her demise. Needless to say, Black Lightning was not amused by any of this.


Barbara Gordon seems to be of two minds about Oliver Queen. On the one hand, she kind of regards him as a creep who isn't nearly good enough for her bestie, Black Canary. That's a fair enough opinion, given that Ollie has cheated on Dinah at least twice, and that Babs' first encounter with Green Arrow involved him hitting on her.

On the other hand, Oracle did agree to be the maid of honor at Ollie and Dinah's wedding. And after laughing off Ollie's initial attempts at flirting, they got along quite well. They have worked together on various missions with no antagonism.



While Green Arrow disapproved of Cassandra Cain's past to the point that he tried to shish kabob her over it, the other Outsiders refused to stay silent. They hurried to defend Batgirl from Ollie's self-righteousness. Katana in particular put herself between Batgirl and GA, threatening to use her sword on him if he didn't back off. You can bet Green Arrow didn't like that one bit.

Batman put a stop to the fight, though GA didn't appear to learn anything from the fact that Katana and another Outsider, Metamorpho, were so willing to stick up for her. The second he and Cass were alone, he tried to end her again. If at first you don't succeed, and all that.


John Diggle

Fans of the TV show Arrow will recognize Diggle as Oliver Queen's bodyguard turned best friend and crimefighting ally. He made his comic book debut in Green Arrow #24 in 2013. John discovered Ollie's secret identity when an injured Green Arrow came to him for help in patching his wounds. From then on, he became Green Arrow's close friend and confidante.

John has provided invaluable assistance to Green Arrow since his debut. Without him, Ollie would have had a much tougher time defeating villains like Richard Dragon and the Ninth Circle, assuming he could have done it at all. John even posed as Green Arrow once.


Wally West Flash Rebirth

Following in his uncle's flashy footsteps, Wally West has never been especially fond of Green Arrow. The rift really started in Identity Crisis, when Wally found out that the Justice League had mindwiped not just Doctor Light, but also many other supervillains and even Batman. To make matters worse, Wally's own Uncle Barry was complicit in all of this brain tickling.

The Flash is horrified by everything Green Arrow tells him and bawls him out, even saying that he's "ruined" the League. Green Arrow basically tells him to stop being judgey and get over it. Flash does seem to accept the situation in the end, but he isn't very happy about it.


The Shade is a relatively minor character with some high-profile friends. Richard Swift started out as an adversary for two generations of Flashes. He even helped to steal Keystone City by using his powers of shadow manipulation to whisk it away to another dimension. Since then, he's gotten a substantial makeover as a wealthy immortal who is more hero than villain.

And he and Green Arrow get along quite well.  In Cry for Justice, the Shade tried to help GA and Green Lantern get the ball rolling on their Justice League splinter group. He also teleported Green Arrow to Prometheus' hideout, even though he disapproved of Ollie's violent intentions.


etrigan the demon

Etrigan's status as a hero is often shaky, given that he's really a demon sharing a body with the human Jason Blood. When Etrigan was separated from Blood, he lost his only semblance of a moral compass. That spelled trouble for Green Arrow in the "Quiver" storyline.

At this time, Ollie has just been resurrected, but without his soul. Soulless bodies are like catnip for demons, and Etrigan can't resist trying to make Green Arrow gone all over again. Oliver was able to escape with Deadman's help, but that didn't make him feel any better about almost getting offed again.

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