Green Arrow's Finale Reveals His Anti-Justice League Weapon (Sort Of)

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Green Arrow #50 by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, Javier Fernandez, John Kalisz and Andworld Design, in stores now.

Green Arrow #50 serves as a series finale, charting a new course for Oliver Queen, and one that is sure to have a lot of drama between him and Black Canary moving forward. Not to mention there'll be a lot of tension with the Justice League. Ollie ends the issue ticked off at these beings who come off as gods to mortals like him, and he swears to be there to oppose them when they step out of line, clearly harboring a grudge for which he wants resolution.

And the main reason for all this resentment is that, at long last, we finally find out what's in the box that the Martian Manhunter gave him at the end of Justice League: No Justice, which was supposed to take the League down. Well, we sort of find out, because at first glance it seems like J'onn J'onzz pacified him and played Ollie with a worthless MacGuffin -- when really and truly there's more bubbling beneath the surface.

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This bookending issue sees Black Canary (Dinah Lance) trying to procure the box from Ollie on behalf of the U.S. government. However, they end up fighting, as he believes he's the only one who can be entrusted with it and bear the burden of whatever contents are inside. What ensues is a breakneck high-speed chase and a well-choreographed battle after he recovers the box from an aquatic lair in Lake Washington. When the government's agents confront a weary Green Arrow, though, Canary has her lover's back.

They take down the swarming agents, but when they get outnumbered, a vigilante Dinah hired, Jayce, speeds in on her bike and kidnaps Oliver, removing him from the scene. When the dust settles and Jayce leaves, Ollie's torn. He's grateful for Dinah's help, but bitter about how things went down. At least he knows that, despite their flawed chemistry and often complicated relationship, her motivations are based more on love than sympathy.

Ollie's had a torrid time coping with Roy Harper's death, and with that depression legitimately creeping in, he's more reclusive, as he doesn't want to become the archetype of a wallowing, self-deprecating superhero. Nonetheless, he believes he's got it figured out and proceeds to open the box, only to find... nothing.

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That's right, it's empty. But this time, there's no bravado, barnstorming antics or slapstick comedy from Green Arrow, or any apparent forgiveness forthcoming. When No Justice occurred, he defended the planet barehanded with Amanda Waller while the League was off Earth. This reward, or lack thereof, is insulting, and he vows to exact revenge on the haughty League someday for this.

He especially keeps J'onn in mind as someone who's patronizing and ostentatious through these actions, which you can't blame Ollie for thinking because his ego's truly dented. Ollie isn't even a crutch for the League or a bench player, he genuinely feels like a throwaway asset.

His relationship has broken down in the wake of Roy's death, as he blames the League's Sanctuary for Red Arrow's murder. And we know he's always had an inferiority complex as someone without powers.

Now, seeing how he risked his life for an empty box, even brawling with the love of his life, well, let's just say that, while he's gone into hiding in civilian gear, Ollie is going to be plotting retribution. But as he walks away, leaving the ornate wooden box in the mountains, there's a green glow inside it, which leaves us wondering what the heck really is inside.

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Is it magical? Cosmic? We don't know why it wasn't visible to him, but the scary thing is it's now there in the open for the government to find. Nonetheless, Ollie departs with his head held high, setting up a requisite future adventure, but sadly, it's one that could spell doom and gloom for his former allies when the title relaunches.

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