Green Arrow #64 Review


This was a good comic book.

Scott McDaniel may have his detractors (I think he's pretty good, but I can see the complaints), but otherwise, this was just a real solid supehero comic book by Judd Winick. I especially liked how Winick addressed a point that was bothering me, namely the whole "Green Arrow not minding Brick, the evil killer gangster, becoming Star City's newest protector" thing. And the way Winick addressed it was great. He did not try to redeem Brick - it was great.

The issue opens with a very nice character study in an inhabitant of Star City (the conceit of the comic is that Star City was attacked a year ago by Dr. Light, and part of the city was so decimated that they just built a big wall to cut off the rest of the city from the decimated portion, which has now become this awful place to live) who manages to make the best of being walled off. It was well done.

Meanwhile, the super-strong/super-durable Brick and Green Arrow fight off a bunch of zombies (who we learn are victims of a new drug). The fight is well-diagramed, and the banter between Brick and Green Arrow is enjoyable. I especially like when they are trapped, and Brick is bemoaning Green Arrow not having another one of his trick arrows that he used effectively earlier in the issue. "At least I brought ONE! That's one more than you did!" Funny stuff.

The ending is interesting enough, except I think we all knew this character was coming back.

Also, the issue shows us Deathstroke's misadventures in prison custody. Winick handles the villain Deathstroke well. I'm not saying I like the villain Deathstroke. I like Wolfman's more "honorable mercenary" take on Slade Wilson better, but if you're GOING to have villain Deathstroke, Winick at least writes him well.

So yeah, nothing really to complain about here.

Fun comic with some funny dialogue and good action scenes, plus a number of interesting characterization moments.

I'd recommend this comic with the reservation that it probably does read better if you've been following the storyline.

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