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Green Arrow #40

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Green Arrow #40

Part six of the “Kingdom” storyline brings all of Green Arrow’s allies into battle alongside him for one desperate last gambit against the machinations of John King in “Green Arrow” #40, written by “Arrow” contributors Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski and drawn by Daniel Sampere. The all-for-one, one-for-all call to arms attack brings in Arsenal, Emiko, Diggle, Katana, Cupid, Batman and even Lex Luthor. It’s a fun assembly of characters, but most of them are running into gunfire from John King’s assembled forces.

Sampere appears to be going for dynamic setups, but some of them — like Felicity Smoak charging into action with an open laptop in front of her — just come across as goofy. With an apparent disconnect between art and script, “Green Arrow” #40 buckles and wobbles a bit more than it should. For example, Naomi Singh applies a chokehold, but the script credits her with a right hook. Little inconsistencies like that or John King sneaking up on Green Arrow might work a little better on TV or in movies but, in a comic, it just feels like scenes or transitions are completely missing.

Otherwise, Sampere’s art is solid throughout this issue. His characters maintain distinct identities from start to end, and the storytelling is clean and crisp when it synchs with the script. Daniel Enriques’ inks are solid and heavy, adding weight and gravity to the characters and their settings. Colorist Gabe Eltaeb checks everything into place and locks it all with bright highlights and smooth gradients. He applies nice transitions to backgrounds and even drops textures onto the streets and buildings. Rob Leigh’s word balloons find their spots, anchoring the dialogue nicely, while his sound effects are old-school comic book brilliance, like “KRNCH” and a semi-transparent, window-shattering “KRASH.”

With four splash pages, the visual side of “Green Arrow” #40 is afforded more than a few opportunities to shine. The story checks the list, making sure to define Ollie’s battle, realign some alliances and give the marquee guest stars a chance to turn in the spotlight. Before the final page, this comic gives readers one last glimpse of Green Arrow leaping into action before the creative team turns the lights off on their way out the door.