Greatest Joe Kubert Stories Ever Told!

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Today's list is the Greatest Joe Kubert Stories Ever Told!


We're behind schedule, so I'll have to keep this brief.

10. "Ice Cream Soldier!" Our Army at War #85

The classic introduction by Robert Kanigher and Kubert of a new soldier to Easy Company, nicknamed the "Ice Cream Soldier," because his comrades feel that he's most likely to melt in a sticky situation. They are forced to revise that position when he proves himself to them all, showing that he is instead the Ice Cream Soldier because he remains as cool as ice cream.

9. "Creature of a Thousand Shapes!" The Brave and the Bold #34

Kubert and Gardner Fox introduce the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl in this fun action tale.

8. Tor #1-6

I pooled all the St. John Tor votes into a vote for this DC series, which reprinted Kubert's classic prehistoric tale from both St. John as well as making a new tale out of unused newspaper strip versions of Tor.

7. "The Fighting Guns of Easy" Our Army at War #146

This well-remembered tale by Kubert and Kanigher told an Easy Company adventure from the perspective of Easy Company's guns themselves!!! I have featured this story in I Love Ya But You're Strange in the past.

6. "Origin of the Ape-Man" Tarzan #207-210

Kubert was a big Tarzan fan and in 1972 he got the chance to take over the character for DC Comics. In the first four issues of the series, Kubert adapted the origin of the Edgar Rice Burroughs character in one of the greatest Tarzan comic book story of all-time.

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