The 10 Greatest Inventors In Marvel Comics, Ranked

Marvel Comics is not just the home to superpowered heroes and villains battling for the world, but it is also the home to some of the smartest men and women in existence. The brilliance of the heroes and villains in Marvel includes both brilliant doctors and as well as those men and women who created inventions that changed the world.

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These are heroes and villains, men who created inventions that helped save the world, those who created things to try to rule or destroy the world, and those in between who developed things to help them achieve personal goals. Here is a look at the 10 greatest inventors in Marvel Comics.

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10 Charles Xavier

When looking at Charles Xavier, most people see him as the most powerful psychic on Earth. He is a man who, despite being confined to a wheelchair, can read minds, control minds, and even rearrange memories. Only his strong moral values keep him on the right side of good, although he has crossed that line on occasion.

However, what fans often overlook is that he is also one of the most brilliant minds in Marvel Comics. He invented Cerebro, a device that can locate mutants all over the world. He created other tools that can regulate psionic abilities. He even initially invented the Danger Room.

9 Peter Parker

Most people see Peter Parker as the teenager with a smart mouth who also happens to be Spider-Man. However, he is also one of the smartest people in the world. Even in high school, Peter was a brilliant student, which is why the bullies like Flash Thompson often picked on him.

Doctor Octopus used his intellect to start Parker Industries after taking over Peter's body. When Parker returned to his own body, he remained the CEO and began work on developing inventions, including his ideas for a superhero prison. Even as a teenager, he created his web-shooters, so nothing seemed out of the question for Spider-Man.

8 Norman Osborn

The problem with Norman Osborn for most of his existence is that he was not only a mad scientist, but he was also clinically insane and could flip from brilliant to psychotic in an instant. However, when he is sane, Osborn is one of Marvel's most gifted inventors.

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In Dark Reign, Osborn proved how smart he was when he pulled the wool over the eyes of the U.S. public and used his genius to take over. He created Oscorp thanks to his inventions and created the performance-enhancing drug that gave him powers and affected his mind. He is a master at genetics, electrical engineering, chemistry, robotics, and physics.

7 Doctor Octopus


Doctor Octopus has always been brilliant. He created the arms that he uses to commit crimes—but the problem was still that Doc Ock was a mad scientist, one whose brilliance was always offset by his crazed plans and arrogance. Otto is a leading expert in atomic physics and has a Ph.D. in nuclear science.

He even made Peter Parker look smarter than he already was. While he was inside Parker's body during the Superior Spider-Man storyline, Otto started his own company in Parker Industries. As a matter of fact, his skills as an inventor should start and end with the device he created to switch consciousness with Peter and take over his body.

6 Hank McCoy

Hank McCoy is one of those men who is so smart that he often does things without thinking first. His mutant powers included his super strength and agility. When he tried to cure himself, he ended up blue and furry, and that just made things worse. However, with every mistake, Hank created something brilliant.

He also made more mistakes thanks to his incredible inventions, such as when he created a device that brought the young versions of the X-Men to present day. Then, he couldn't get them back home, causing the X-Men to offer intervention and leading to Hank quitting the team. He is brilliant in mechanical engineering, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics—and he can invent just about anything.

5 Hank Pym

Hank Pym is a dangerous inventor. He is brilliant and can create just about anything, but he knows how smart he is and therefore has no limitations to what he is willing to do. That is a detriment to himself and his friends. He invented Ultron—and that is impressive—but he created the robot to save the world, and that meant humanity was its enemy.

When Pym screwed up one too many times, he almost lost his job with the Avengers and invented a new enemy, which nearly killed him until The Wasp saved the day. He invented Pym Particles and is an expert in nanotechnology, quantum physics, cybernetics, robotics, and more.

4 Shuri

Shuri #2 cover image

Not many people were talking about Shuri until the Black Panther movie. Now, everyone is talking about T'Challa's little sister. In Avengers: Infinity War, she spoke down to Bruce Banner and proved that she had skills that almost no one else had when it comes to inventions.

She is who created all her brother's tech and kept Wakanda one of the most technologically advances societies in the world. In the comics, she is an engineer and a mechanist who can create just about anything and everything imaginable. In the MCU, there might not be any inventor smarter than Shuri.

3 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is extremely dangerous. He is not only one of the most intelligent individuals in the Marvel Universe, but he knows it and uses his intelligence for evil. Doom not only invented the armor he wears and the weapons that he uses, but he created an army of Doombots that share these weapons as well.

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Want to know how smart Doom is? He was able to kill The Beyonder and steal his powers to become God Emporer Doom. He has invented hundreds of devices, including working time machines. Doom is a master of physics, robotics, genetics, cybernetics, biochemistry, weapons technology, and time travel. He also knows magic, so that is scary to add to his scientific genius.

2 Tony Stark


Tony Stark is a lot like Doctor Doom: a brilliant inventor who is arrogant enough to consider himself above everyone around him. However, Stark is also a hero and uses his technology for good—most of the time. He created numerous versions of his Iron Man armor and has a suit of armor he invented for every possible scenario.

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He was also a weapons developer early in his career before he became a superhero. He invented a weapon that allowed him to disperse the Phoenix Force. He created weapons and other technological devices that helped the Avengers in just about every way possible. He is considered one of the greatest inventors in the Marvel Universe, superhero or not.

1 Reed Richards

No one can touch Reed Richards when it comes to intelligence and the skills of an inventor. Reed is widely considered the smartest man on the planet Earth. While his superpowers involve stretching, that is not his most potent superpower—that would be his mind.

He is a theoretician, physicist, and inventor who has mastered every form of science. He has invented items that allow space travel, interdimensional travel, and time travel. He invented robots, supercomputers, synthetic polymers, holography, and there is nothing he hasn't been able to conceive. His only weakness is his own arrogance, which is also his strength when he never gives up.

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