Top Five Greatest DC Comics Christmas Stories


1988’s ” “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot”” from Christmas With the Superheroes #2 by Alan Brennert and Dick Giordano sees Deadman having a hard time with Christmas. Deadman, after all, doesn't really exist in the physical world. He can possess people and experience a little bit of the holiday through their bodies, but Deadman soon feels like a jerk by, in effect, stealing someone else's holiday.

Once he decides to stop stealing people's holiday experiences from them, he then begins to wallow in self pity. He does so much good but he never seems to get any reward for it. Just sort of existential torment. His wallowing is interrupted, though, by a mysterious young woman who can somehow see him even in his spirit form. She explains to him that good deeds are their own reward and that it doesn't matter if people know you did them, you know that you did them and so even if everyone forgets about you, your deeds will always exist.

The young woman, of course, was named Kara. This was a reference to Supergirl, who, in 1988, had been erased by DC's Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths' continuity. However, even after been "erased" from history, Kara is still a hero and she successfully inspires Deadman. This is a brilliant piece of metafictional commentary by Brennert.


1969's “The Silent Night of the Batman” from Batman #219 by Mike Friedrich, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano opens with Batman being called to the Gotham City police department on Christmas Eve by Commissioner Gordon (or, at least, someone who LOOKS like Commissioner Gordon). Gordon asks Batman to celebrate the holiday with them instead of going on patrol. Batman agrees, on the condition that, as soon as a crime or other problem shows up, he will leave and go deal with it. Gordon agrees and Batman begins to sing carols with the other police officers.

Shockingly, though, no crime occurs! You see, all around Gotham, whenever something bad is about to happen, somehow, some version of Batman shows up to stop them. Just, like, a guy in a Batman costume keeps some crooks from robbing some people. A woman tries to kill herself because her soldier husband is dead (she thinks) but she is distracted by a Batman symbol on the water below her. She pauses and is shocked to see that her husband is not only alive, but he is next to her! Stuff like that. Batman finishes singing and learns that "Gordon" was just a Christmas spirit when the real Gordon shows up to tell him that remarkably, no crime had happened in Gotham City tonight! It was a Christmas miracle!

The sight of Neal Adams drawing Batman caroling along with the Gotham cops is truly a sight to behold.

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