Great Scott! Pepsi Plans to Release 'Back to the Future II'-Inspired Soda

On October 21, Pepsi will release Pepsi Perfect, which will be modeled after the product of the same name Marty McFly ordered in "Back to the Future II" (via The Hollywood Reporter). The 16.9 oz limited edition soda bottle will only be available online for $20.15 a pop. Only 6,500 bottles will be sold, and each bottle will come with a special case. However, the bottles will contain a standard Pepsi product.

"Fans have always been a little crazy about it," Lou Arbetter, PepsiCo's senior director of marketing, said in a statement. "So we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Marty traveled to the future, to this month, and wanted to actually come out with the product."

In the 1989 film, McFly (Michael J. Fox) traveled to the far-off date October 21, 2015 in order to rescue his future children from an unsavory fate. During his visit, he stopped by a diner, where he ordered himself a bottle of Pepsi Perfect.

Coincidentally, the 30th Anniversary “Back to the Future” Blu-ray/DVD trilogy set -- which will feature a new short starring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown -- will also be released on October 21.


10.21.15 #TheFutureisNow #PepsiPerfect https://t.co/DCcND4SlDU

— Pepsi™ (@pepsi) October 5, 2015

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