Great JMS Interview

Robert Taylor has the first part of his Reflections interview with J. Michael Straczynski up, and it's quite an engrossing read, with most of it having to do with Straczynski's current movie work.

Perhaps particularly of note to readers are Straczynski's thoughts on Marvel (and Joe Quesada specifically):

When I'm left to my own devices, I can do what I feel is a competent job. When I start to get mandates and edicts written into my ear and am suddenly being pulled into events and crossovers and being yanked one way or the other, I don't do my best work because I can feel the hand on my shoulder. Cases like those are the low point moments.

To credit Marvel and [Editor-in-Chief] Joe [Quesada] and [Publisher] Dan [Buckley], every so often, everyone runs into a bump with those above in the creative food chain. As executive producer I would have to step in with writers working below me and tell them something had to be done a certain way, and we would argue, but in the end I had the pointy hat and I won. At Marvel, I have to respect that, at the end of the day, they have the pointy hat. When we disagree, it is because we care passionately about what we are working on. No one cares more about Spider-Man than Joe Quesada. He has strong ideas, I have strong ideas, and sometimes they run into each other. But anyone who says anything negative about Joe Quesada has to go through me first. I say that sincerely. I'm sure the writers under me said that when we argued and they were overridden were their low points. Ultimately, it comes down to the person at the top of the ladder making the tough decisions. Fans can yell about Joe and Dan, but he turned that company around from a company that was bankrupt to something of value. People tend to forget that.

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