Grayson gets 'Relative,' 'User Friendly'

This may be Devin Grayson's year: Building on the successes of 1999, including the successful relaunch of DC Comics' "Titans" franchise and her "Black Widow" miniseries for Marvel Comics, expect to see more of her work, in all the usual places, starting with DC Comics.

"I just received my comps for 'Relative Heroes' (formerly, and rightfully, 'The Weinbergs'), which suggests that they'll be out either today or next week," she told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "As you may recall, 'Relative Heroes' is a six-part limited series (with an additional supplementary story in 'The Batman Chronicles' #20) creator-owned project, with the art team that brought you 'Batman: Harley Quinn,' the wildly talented Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd. I'm enormously excited about it, and am thrilled that my babies are finally wandering off into the wide world."

She's also finally got her hands on the character who brought her into the industry, the Dark Knight himself.

"The first issue of 'Batman: Gotham Knights,' with artist Dale Eaglesham, also comes out quite soon, and as if I weren't already excited enough about it (and believe me, I jump up and down in glee at least once a day), it turns out that the first Black & White [back up story] is by Warren Ellis and Jim Lee, so I'm as excited about seeing that as everyone else.

"And 'the Titans' march on -- we just finished up our year-end blow-out, but have lots more adventures in store for our twenty-something heroes."

Also look for Grayson's work in the upcoming "Secret Files and Origins: Gotham City" from DC Comics: "I put together an interview with Dr. Leslie Thompkins."

In addition to another "Black Widow" miniseries for Marvel - written this time with fellow Bat-creator Greg Rucka - Grayson will be branching out into the DC/Vertigo imprint.

"What I hope people DO know to be watching for is 'USER,' the three-part, Prestige-format, creator-owned Vertigo project I'm doing with Sean Phillips and John Bolton. It was originally scheduled for January, then moved back to April, but I haven't seen it solicited yet, so perhaps it's been moved back yet again - but it should be out by summer at the latest and it's really a magnificent looking book. The story, of great relevance to me personally, is, in part, about cyber role-playing, but there are also darker themes of family dysfunction and sexual abuse running through it, and as it progresses, I'm starting to feel really proud of what it's shaping into. And visually, it's a masterpiece."

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