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Continuing the tale of Dick Grayson’s undercover adventures with a comic book that draws out the ongoing plot behind an apparent done-in-one, writers Tom King and Tim Seeley continue to define Spyral, their mission, allies and opponents in “Grayson” #2. Mikel Janin handles the art chores with inking help from Guillermo Ortego and Juan Castro.

Nestled tightly in the DC Universe with appearances by Midnighter, Batman, Deathstroke (sort of) and Flash (again, sort of), “Grayson” #2 gives Janin plenty to work with. Having worked on the unmasked adventures of Dick Grayson in “Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons,” Janin is the perfect choice for this series. Not only does he draw magnificent amounts of detail into his panels, he is also one of the very best artists in comics today when it comes to adding intensity, subtlety and dynamics to the expressions of unmasked characters. Ironically, Spyral uses Hypnos implants to mask the identities of their agents, but luckily for readers, Janin mostly shows the non-hypnos affected world. Inkers Guillermo Ortego and Juan Castro work nicely with Janin’s work, providing smooth consistency throughout “Grayson” #2 despite three different inkers finishing the drawings before Jeromy Cox’s atmospheric and textured colors.

Seeley and King have taken Dick Grayson far away from the shadow of Batman and across the Atlantic away from Gotham City, but “Grayson” #2 maintains a tether to the Batcave, which comes in to play, showing the connection between Batman and Dick Grayson as well as the deep-seated desire for the former Nightwing to belong and to surround himself with people, involving himself in their lives. Espionage is not a game for a people person, which is exactly what Dick Grayson is, as depicted by Seeley and King. The plot circling around the character is rife with tension, especially as it ties back to the metahuman community, where Dick Grayson has deep roots.

“Grayson” #2 continues to set the boundaries for this series from Seeley, King and Janin. Dick Grayson’s past weighs heavily into his unfolding future, but that future holds secrets even the apprentice of the world’s greatest detective cannot quite crack. The writing duo have built stories within stories and stories that run parallel to each other, miring “Grayson” in remarkable potential. This issue presents just enough to illustrate that Seeley and King will continue to reveal more about Spyral, surprising readers and Dick Grayson alike, which makes for entertaining comic books.