Gray Morrow dies

Warren Horror Comics and "Tarzan" artist Gray Morrow, born Dwight Graydon Morrow, passed away this past Tuesday at his home in central Pennsylvania. He was 67.

Comicon.com's Splash reported that while the cause of death has not been revealed, Morrow has suffered from serious health problems in recent years.

According to a release by Mark Wheatley of Insight Studios Group, Morrow's last public appearance was just a few weeks ago at the Baltimore Comic-Con Sunday, October 28th, where he spent the day meeting fans, sketching and signing autographs.

"Gray was a both a participant in and a witness to comics history," said Wheatley in the release, who edited "Gray Morrow Visionary," a book published through ISG. "He was a master illustrator who had the respect and friendship of his peers. His wealth of talent, which enabled him to build an astonishingly deep catalog of work in different areas of illustration, serves as a fitting legacy for his diverse career. He was also a great friend to me, the rest of Insight Studios Group, and to many other professionals and fans."

Gray's work most recently graced the pages of newspapers across the United States. Morrow was the Sunday "Tarzan" comic strip artist for 18 years, from March 6th, 1983 up to its cancellation earlier this year on August 19th.

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