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“GRAVEL”: A New Ongoing Series by Warren Ellis

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“GRAVEL”: A New Ongoing Series by Warren Ellis

Official Press Release

Warren Ellis’ next ongoing series will launch in January with GRAVEL
#0 published by Avatar Press. GRAVEL features the combat magician
Sgt. Major William Gravel in his own monthly series, beginning with
the specially priced #0 issue which is available for only
$1.99. Like the launch of Ellis’ hugely popular Black Summer series,
Gravel #0 is not a preview, but is actually the opening part of this
new Gravel saga. The full-size regular series will follow with issue
#1 in March. Mike Wolfer (Streets of Glory) will co-write the title
with Ellis, and the full-color first issue and regular series will
feature interiors from the artist of Ellis’ critically-acclaimed
graphic novel Crecy and Doktor Sleepless wraparound covers, Raulo Caceres.

“Black ops, blacker magic, cold-blooded slaughter and ruthless
betrayal: the ongoing adventures of Warren Ellis’ biggest bastard to
date,” says fellow creator Garth Ennis, who has been a fan of
Gravel’s early saga in the Strange Kiss/Kisses/Killings
series. “It’s like someone made a comic just for me.”

“Every time the weird bastard steps into the daylight, people come
out to see what he’s up to for some reason,” says GRAVEL creator
Warren Ellis. “It’s funny how a character created for a single
story, STRANGE KISS, has hung around. I’m creating a whole new
mythology and Occult Cosmology for GRAVEL, the series. And also
having some fun with The Sigsand Manuscript, the preferred Ancient
Occult Text of Thomas Carnacki, the supernatural detective created by
William Hope Hodgson (who was a great influence on Lovecraft — go
on, google them all).”

“William Gravel has generated quite a following of die-hard fans, who
have eagerly awaited the next disturbing chapter in the STRANGE
KISS/KISSES/KILLINGS series,” notes series co-writer Mike Wolfer,
“They have been loyal and quite vocal, and at last Warren Ellis,
Raulo Caceres and I are able to deliver what the fans have asked for,
for the first time in full color and with no punches pulled.” Sgt.
Major Gravel first appeared in Ellis’ mini-series Strange Kiss in
late 1999, and the combat magician working deniable-op’s would later
be the focus of six collected editions. Gravel’s missions, and the
occasional cash-in-hand work, bring him to toe-to-toe with the most
profane and brutal depths of the criminal world. Thank Britain this
military trained sorcerer is ready to blast the hell out of the
blokes. All 6 original TPB’s are in print, they are: Strange Kiss,
Stranger Kisses, Strange Killings, Strange Killings: Body Orchard,
Strange Killings: Strong Medicine, and Strange Killings: Necromancer.
Wolfer promises readers, “This is the Gravel we all know, the same
lovable bastard, only (now) delivered in monthly installments.”

Creator Warren Ellis launched the first Gravel saga, Strange Kiss, at
Avatar almost a decade ago as his first project with the
publisher. Since then, Avatar has published several other of his
properties including Black Summer, Doktor Sleepless, and multiple
titles under his Apparat imprint. Now back by popular demand, this
landmark creator-owned character is making his return in a
full-color, ongoing series.

Artist and collaborator from the original run Mike Wolfer will be
assisting Ellis in co-writing this ongoing monthly, relinquishing the
artistic responsibilities to a revolving art team. “Mike Wolfer is a
great professional,” says artist Raulo Caceres. “He is one of those
designers that know that to make comics is more than to just draw
well… I value his perspective, the collaboration of the minds, and
their (Ellis and Wolfer’s) talented visual language.”

Wolfer admits, “I’m a bit protective of William Gravel when it comes
to his visual representation, as until now I have been the only
artist to draw him on covers or interiors. But Raulo’s got the goods
and he draws an excellent Gravel, full of the same grimness that is
his trademark, and the heaviness of Raulo’s inking provides the
perfect, dark mood that has pervaded Gravel’s adventures through all
of the various mini-series.” Artist Raulo Caceres will draw #0 and
the start of the full-size regular series. Caceres is best known for
his work on Ellis’ immensely popular Apparat graphic novel, Crecy,
and his wraparound covers for the ongoing series Doktor Sleepless.

GRAVEL launches its full-color ongoing run with #0 in January,
specially priced at only $1.99. The full-size monthly begins in
March and will be available for $3.99. Written by creator Warren
Ellis and co-writer Mike Wolfer, GRAVEL revives a must-read indy
character, and will be drawn by Crecy artist Raulo Caceres.

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